Friday, October 7, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

Thanks for all the response to our email newsletters. We still haven't had measurable rain here at our place, but some folks have had enough not 15 miles north of us for the highway tractors to have to mow. Good for them!!

We had a great time in Perryton, TX this past weekend - first at "The Rib Joint" owned and operated by Steve & Fonda Clumsky and then on Saturday, "A Day for You" conference hosted by the ladies ministry of Community Worship Center. Then, on Sunday morning, we conducted Cowboy Church for Hale Ranch at their Cattle Sale (loved every minute) and then that night helped kick off Canadian River Cowboy Church in Borger, TX. We just meet and re-connect with such nice people who love Christ and want to serve Him in their individual lives….

OH and I have some really handsome Pumpkins and a huge ghord from Trevor Hale's garden…thanks Trevor for the ride on the 4 Wheeler!!!

Coming up!!!! Mark and I will be in Gilbert, SC this weekend at Cedar Creek Cowboy Church, Sunday morning and evening.

On Sunday, October 16th, we will be at the Friendship Nazarene Church, Ashland, OK in the morning and Harper's Valley Baptist Church in the evening. Both of these dates are within 20 miles of our home, so it will be good to be able to not travel far and still do what we do.We are excited about being at all these churches!!

Mark's grandbabies are doing well…they have to jump thru some hoops before they get released from the NICU, but they are progressing nicely.

My daddy is continuing to do well…and all our kids are healthy.

LADIES!!! Go online NOW to register for Pamper Me! You will not want to miss this event…we have so much fun in store for you +++++ lots of goodlife stories and singing, shopping, eating, etc., etc. or call 580 889 5219.

Thanks for all your comments about Cowboy Church on RFD tv especially during the 9/11 episodes…it was our pleasure to film that for such a worthy cause.

Remember that more things are Caught than Taught….are we throwing out anything that is worth CATCHING???

God bless you, and thanks for helping to support the work Mark and I are doing. We enjoy every minute.


Susie & Mark

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Just a note to remind you Susie will be in Perryton, TX this weekend for “Women’s Conference" tomorrow at the Community Worship Center in Perryton. For details call 806-435-2506.
Sunday morning Susie will be at the Hale Ranch in Perryton, TX for the morning service at 9:30 a.m.
Sunday evening Susie will be at the Canadian River Cowboy Church – 5:00 p.m., 6 miles east of Borger on Hwy. 142.
Ladies remember to sign up for the 6th Annual Pamper Me Ladies Retreat, sponsored by Susie in Atoka, OK. The Retreat is Nov. 4th & 5th, First Baptist Church in Atoka, registration fee $75.00, come be pampered, Mind, Soul, & Spirit. Vendor opportunities are available; contact our office for more information 1-800-447-1987.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Susie will be in Frederick, OK at the 1st United Methodist Church, 301 E. Grand Ave. on Monday, 9/26/11. They will be serving dinner to the public at 6:00 p.m., the concert will begin at 7:00.
Oct. 1, Susie will be in Perryton, TX for their Women’s Conference “Day for You” which will be held at the Community Worship Center from 9:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Sunday morning Oct. 2, Susie will be performing at the Hale Ranch, for their 1st Annual Hale Ranch Production Sale.
Sunday evening, 5:00 p.m., Susie will be in Borger, TX at Canadian River Cowboy Church, 6 miles east of Borger on Hwy. 152.
For more information on any of the above see our website We hope you can attend if you are in the area.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi Everyone! and Happy Fall weather!!
You know, we don't go many places where you hear absolutely nothing!!! But this morning we did……
Mark and I are in the state of Washington right now and just got done with a nice hike up Sauk Mountain (just on the other side of Sedro Woolley). After we exited the main highway, we drove another 7 miles to get to the "get out and hoof it" point, then we hiked another 45 minutes. You can see some of our pictures on Facebook and website It was COOL (still snow up there) and misty and just a really GREAT place to be this morning. We saw some chipmunks, birds, great vegetation, and of all things a ptarmigan hen and her family (that's a mountain chicken for us lowlanders) They turn white in the winter, but today she was the exact same color as the rocks.
God sure takes good care of His creation!!
We had a great time at the Pendleton Round-up in Pendleton, OR. I surprised Mark with a trip to the PBR on Monday night (which was our 21 month anniversary), watched slack, visited with friends on Tuesday and had a concert hosted by the Blue Mountain Christian Cowboys out of Fairfield. The evening was beautiful and the crowd was warm…thanks to all who gave generously of their time and finances to help support the concert.
We will be in Toppenish, WA this coming Sunday evening at 6pm at the high school. Thanks to all who have worked hard getting this concert together.
Registrations for Pamper Me are coming in and we are working hard to get ready for all you ladies!! It's going to be a Hawaiian adventure!!!
Call 580 889 5219 or go to to register. We are going to have a great time and don't want to do it without you!
We also have t-shirts available on the website!!!
Our prayers and concern go out to all who have had the terrible fires and drought. It's been bad in our county, but at least we had spring rains. We've heard of many folks who haven't had rain in over a year.
For those of you who continue to ask about my daddy….good news! He is doing much better…he's quite a jokester and still tells a great story. He walks with a walker and has a great appetite. I so admire my mama for her great attitude and thank God for all the good help she and daddy have through Home Health. Thanks for your prayers!!
Mark's daughter Tara and her husband Daniel are rejoicing over "preemie but healthy" identical twin boys born on the 12th in Boston. The babies may be in the hospital for several weeks, but they are in really good care. We are so thankful!!
Mark and I had a great summer and are looking forward to the fall….We hope to see you in one of these places:
September 26 - Frederick, OK
October 1 - Perryton, TX
October 2 - Perryton, TX am
October 2 - Borger, TX pm
October 8 - Williamston, SC
October 9 - Gilbert, SC
October 16 - Ashland, OK am
October 16 - Harpers Valley, OK pm
Octover 30 - Derry, NH
See the website for more details. See us on Facebook!!
God bless and keep you always!!

Susie & Mark

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi Everybody!
Just a note to let you know Susie will be singing this weekend, Saturday, Aug. 27 at the First Wesleyan Church in Tuscaloosa, AL from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. All proceeds from this concert will benefit tornado relief. Admission to the concert is free and donations will be taken during the concert, marked for families and churches in the community that need help rebuilding. If you are in the area please come out and help support this worthy event.
Sunday, August 28, 2011, Susie will be singing at the Circlewood Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL. All welcome to attend at 10:30 a.m.
Then they take a couple of weeks off so Susie & Mark can have some much needed rest. Susie is recovering nicely from the appendectomy a couple of weeks ago, but the rest is much needed.
We are busy working on this year’s “6th Annual Pamper Me Ladies Retreat”. It will be lots of fun ladies hope you can come. Registration is open online or call the office 1-800-447-1987.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Susie and Mark will be traveling to Wichita Falls this weekend for the Texas Ranch Roundup in the MPEC center. Susie will be doing National Anthem on Friday and Saturday evening for the Rodeo and Saturday will be selling cd's in the Exhibit Hall Lobby from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Cowboy Church service and concert will be held Sunday beginning at 9:00 a.m.
Next week they will be traveling to Tuscaloosa, AL for a Tornado Relief Concert on Saturday, August 27 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the First Wesleyan Church, 1501 McFarland Blvd. N., Tuscaloosa, AL
Join Susie & Mark, Sunday morning at the Circlewood Baptist Church, 2201 Loop Rd., Tuscaloosa, AL 35405, for the morning service at 11:00 a.m.
Ladies please remember to register for this year “Pamper Me Ladies Retreat”, Nov. 4-5, 2011, Atoka, OK. Registration is open online now on our website If you have any questions feel free to call the office 1-800-447-1987 and Doris or Mary will be happy to help you.
Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know that my recovery is progressing.
Sitting on the couch today here in Burlington, WA, it's 74 degrees, sunny, and I have Andy Griffith playing on the tv in front of me.
Now THAT's therapy!!
Mark is taking such good care of me since I had the appendectomy in Rapid City on Monday. I want to thank all the hospital staff, doctors,and friends who helped us so much in our time of need. THANK YOU!!
God was gracious with us as to the timing of the sickness…we had finished concerts in Ord, NE, Crawford, NE and Isabel, SD and were preparing to have a great time
with our friends in Custer, SD for the trail ride and concert/teachings when I started having horrible stomach pains at midnight on Sunday night. I got awesome care at the hospital in Custer and in Rapid City…thanks for your prayers.
Well…it's time for Antelope again! We are so looking forward to performing in the Antelope Community Church YARD with the Mud Springs Gospel Band and seeing all of you again. We will begin at 4pm.
Our summer tour officially ends in Wichita Falls, TX at the Texas Ranch Rodeo, August 19-20 (Church service 9am on the 20th).
Sorry to be so short with this letter….better shut the old time tv off and get some rest.

Have a wonderful day!!
Susie & Mark

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Some of you may have seen on Facebook that Susie had an emergency appendectomy on Monday, 8/8. We wanted to let everyone know she is recovering nicely and the events planned for Antelope, OR and Wichita Falls, TX will go on as scheduled.
Antelope Community Church
Antelope, OR
Sunday, August, 14
4:00 p.m.

Texas Ranch Round-up
Wichita Falls, TX
Aug. 19-21
Susie will be singing the National Anthem at the rodeo on 19th & 20th
Cowboy Church at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, the 21st

If you are in the area, hope you can attend.
Registration is now open for the Pamper Me Ladies Retreat in Atoka, OK, November 4 & 5th. Registration is $75.00. Visit our website to register
Call the office for any questions at 1-800-447-1987.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to give you an update on Susie’s scheduled events for the next few days, if you are in the area hope you can attend!
Thank you Gloucester County Fairgrounds for having us come and sing, we had a great time!
August 5, Susie & Mark will be traveling to Nebraska, they will be at the Valley County Fair in Ord, NE, concert at 7:00 p.m.
August 6, they will be at the City Park in Crawford, NE for a concert at 7:00 p.m.
August 7, Susie will travel to Isabel, SD for the 100th Birthday Celebration for Isabel. The Celebration begins at 10:30 a.m.
August 8 & 9, they will be at "Hit the Trail with Susie" a Chrisian Retreat, located at Husted Ranch 25636 Sidney Park Rd, Custer, SD. For registration and more information call Connie Gorsuch (605) 393-4379.
Ladies please remember to register for the Pamper Me Ladies Retreat in Atoka, OK, November 4 & 5th. Registration is $75.00. More details will be on the website soon!
Call the office for any questions at 1-800-447-1987.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to give you an update on Susie’s scheduled events for the next few days, if you are in the area hope you can attend!
Saturday, July 30, Susie will at Gloucester County Fairgrounds in Mullica Hill, NJ for a concert beginning at 5:30 p.m. It will be in a covered pavilion.
Next week, August 5, Susie & Mark will be traveling to Nebraska, they will be at the Valley County Fair in Ord, NE, concert at 7:00 p.m.
August 6, they will be at the City Park in Crawford, NE for a concert at 7:00 p.m.
August 7, Susie will travel to Isabel, SD for the 100th Birthday Celebration for Isabel. The Celebration begins at 10:30 a.m.
Ladies please remember to register for the Pamper Me Ladies Retreat in Atoka, OK, November 4 & 5th. Registration is $75.00. More details will be on the website soon!
Call the office for any questions at 1-800-447-1987.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hi Everyone!!
Here's hoping that your day/week/month/year is going good so far!
Mark and I are currently in Washington state where we've been able to visit with Mark's daughter Tara and husband Daniel, son Kyle, mom Anna, and brother Scott. I hear Mark groaning just a bit now because he's editing a video on YouTube…ha! We over 50 don't like to read instructions! BUT we have a 19 month Wedding Anniversary to celebrate today…glad he didn't get hung up on instructions when that proposal came about!!
I was able to speak with my family today…Mama was in good spirits - daddy was asleep - he had another mini stroke a week ago, but continues to be a trooper. Please say a prayer for them to weather thru this facet of their lives. EP is weathering out the drought in OK…we are praying for rain for the cattle/horses; Samuel is on hand to help EP and will compete at Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cheyenne, WY soon; Lucchese is still in LA and doing well. She and I made a road trip from LA to Billings, MT and had lots of windshield time to visit, laugh, and commiserate…nothing like 20 hours in a car to cause bonding…I am so thankful that all our family are well.
Mark and I fly back to Denver on July 21 to do concerts in Colorado Springs, Cheyenne, and Greeley. See itinerary on our NEW WEBSITE: Then we fly to NJ, and back to Denver for dates in NE, OR, SD and wind up the summer in TX. We are looking forward to all these dates and time to meet new friends and catch up with old friends.
Those of you who usually come to Antelope, OR the first weekend….please remember we scheduled it for August 14 @ 4pm this year only!!
Another highlight of our year is Pamper Me! November 4 & 5 in Atoka, OK….go to website and register for lots of fun!!! We have the speakers, singers, and cosmetologists all set up and rearing to go!!
We have experienced such hot/dry weather in Oklahoma-many states are dry, but at least we do have pond water for our animals. Please say a prayer for those who have had drought, fires and devastation. Also, continue to pray for those who have had just the opposite…lots of floods/storms/tornadoes.
We all as humans need encouragement….sometimes this can come in a way as simple as a smile. We don't know what folks are going thru…go ahead…give that smile away.
God bless you!
Susie & Mark

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Mark and I have officially kicked off our "2011 Summer Tour" and we are expecting to have a blast!!

We start off in Alamosa, CO on June 26,

Ardmore, OK, June 28 (Cowboy Church filming),

Greeley Stampede Rodeo, Greeley, CO, July 3,

Washington state to see the NW family,

Colorado Springs, CO, July 22,

Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cheyenne, WY, July 24,a.m.

Sunday Nights in Greeley, Greeley, CO p.m.

and Gloucester County Fair, NJ, July 30.

Then, we go into August….Hope to see y'all at one of these dates!!

Go to to see get details and see our complete list of dates.

So many of you have been so kind to ask about our families. My father, Clark McEntire, is home now and really doesn't show the typical

signs of stroke. His speech & dexterity are good, there is no paralysis, and he knows most everyone who comes in the door.

Mark's mom is still at Mt. Glen Retirement Center in WA and is responding well to treatment for Parkinson's Disease.

My two sons, EP and Samuel are "herdin' cattle' on the family ranch in Oklahoma; Mark's daughters are married- Talia has two small little girls and Tara and Daniel are expecting twin boys in the fall.

Mark's son Kyle is on leave at this moment in Seattle from his time serving in the Marines in Japan, and my daughter Lucchese is still hard at work in Pasadena, CA being an esthetician.
It is well know that many times the caregiver is overlooked and unappreciated…Please lift up my mama, Jac McEntire that she stay healthy while tending to daddy.

Ladies!!! Be sure to save the first weekend of November in order to attend Pamper Me in my hometown of Atoka, OK. to register! We will have lots of music, laughter, teaching, breakout sessions, food, shopping, a few tears, hair/nails/ and plenty of fluffing!!!

I am also using the fantastic NuSkin Galvanic Spa. It is a way to help us 'fend off' the effects of aging on our skin. We will have a booth at Pamper Me, but if you are interested in having information now, please respond to this email and let me know.

When we were in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago, we saw many different HUGE buildings (sometimes compounds) representing the different interests of the American people….Dept of Energy, Dept of Welfare, and one in particular that caught my eye the "Dept of Agriculture". I remember when I was in high school, there was an 4-H Extension Agent named Mr. Grigsby. He gave advice on how to do the projects we were involved in 4-H Club. He could also give advice to ranchers and farmers about what weed spray to use or what grass seed would be beneficial for their pasture soil. He extended his hand to help those in his area to grow and flourish. In a way, he was an 'extension' of that huge building in Washington that we in Kiowa could never get to.

Remember that God didn't just give us our relationship with Christ to keep it to ourselves-to stay in a building all tucked in and comfortable. This doesn't mean we have to get a non-profit, go to seminary and become an evangelist/preacher. It probably means right here in our own community caring enough to smile, help, guide, take in, buy a cup of coffee or a bag of groceries, to listen, and see beyond the outside appearance…using what we have to be interested in folks who may be on their last thread of hope hanging on desperately to see if God still knows they exist. Sure HE does…but He wants to use us…be an extension…and let them know WE care. And thanks, Mr. Grigsby…

God bless you and have a great summer!!

Susie & Mark

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Spring has sprung in SE Oklahoma, we've had lots of rain and the grass is growing….AND SO we are looking down more than usual…snakes, stingin' scorpions, centipedes, and 'the like' are in 'full swing ahead' and my Seattle husband Mark hasn't figured out yet why they all want to be in our house!

I am writing to you from seat 31E on American flight 670 from Washington Dulles in route to Dallas/Ft Worth today, Monday, May 16th. Our sore feet are certain we walked ALL of the Washington D.C. area….MONUMENTS!!....the Washington, World War II, Vietnam, Korean, Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, Lincoln, and Jefferson, as well as much of the Smithsonian. Oh yes, and many of the hotdog/pretzel stands along the way. What a clean and friendly capitol we have! It was a great experience. But, that was a side blessing, we were there of course to work at two local churches.

Shepherd's Gate Church was our first stop….Pastor Dan Duis and his wife Scotti treated us so special, they hosted us a few extra days so we could experience D.C. and also had us to supper at their home. We enjoyed the music of their sons Tyler and Sam and friend Brad's group Melodime…& thanks to Dave for his direction for the group. Catch the music of this band - they are so talented!!

Sunday we made the trip down to Monroe, VA (literally in the Blue Ridge Mountains) and sang for Mt Prospect Baptist Church - Doug Turner and his wife Sally had heard me sing at Madison Heights, VA back in 1991 and asked us come to the church where he is assistant pastor. Afterwards, they took us to Natural Bridge Hotel to stay the night and we toured the bridge this morning. It was as spectacular this am as it was in 1975 when I saw it as a Junior in high school. On the way to the airport, I got to see the Shenandoah River run through its valley….I love this part of the country with its rich history!

We don't take it for granted the work and preparation it takes to host concerts of this magnitude…thanks to all of you who host, pray, prepare, and also to those who travel to get to the concerts…yes, Jack & Marlene York and Denise and Jim LaFave…we appreciate you so much! We want these events to be the best they can be. THANK YOU!!

Mark and I THINK we fly a lot. We had the opportunity to meet a very interesting lady on the airport terminal bus who had left South Africa on the 15th, had flown thru to Washington, was on our flight to Dallas and in route to Los Angeles!!! She seemed a bit disoriented (no wonder), and we had the grand pleasure of helping her find her way. What a sweetheart she was! Mark made the comment to me, "There are good people everywhere". There sure are.

We are going home tonight, may get to visit daddy at Reba's Rehabilitation center…when we left Thursday, he was feeding himself (and doing a great job at it) and had walked 128 steps a day or two earlier. We go to Nashville to see Reba receive her Medallion for the induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame next Sunday. After that, we come home and get ready to go to Kearney and North Platte, NE, on the 28th and 29th, then back home for Jacksonville, TX, June 4.

We hope to see you along the way this summer…it's packed full of great things to look forward to: summer birthdays, a return home visit for our Marine Kyle Eaton and lots of concerts.

God bless you and thank you for your support of what we do.

Susie & Mark

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi Everyone!
The news reports have been alive these days as our world has experienced natural disasters, tragedies, losses, military advances, and in the midst of it all, a royal wedding. Our prayers go out to all who have lost much and rejoice with those who are still intact and helping others.

Mark and I received news that we will be grandparents again (Mark's Tara), and also aunt and uncle (my niece Autumn). These are days of lots going on!

My father, Clark McEntire continues to improve and is walking with help! Our perspectives change as to what is good or bad, especially when a person goes from an almost comatose state to putting his cowboy hat on (with superb style, I must add) and tells his stories again. We are so thankful to you who have prayed, emailed, called and visited- we appreciate it so much!

Cowboy Church TV is still going great guns and our advertisement for our new CD "Passages" is doing well. I've been able to share my story of abuse to many folks around the country and the pairing of these two tools is very powerful!

Mark and I will be in Clovis, NM on Sunday May 8 for Cowboy Church at the Resistol All Around Ranch Rodeo; May 14th we will be in Chantilly, VA at Shepherd Gate Church & May 15th in Monroe, VA at New Prospect Baptist Church. May 22nd we’ll be in Nashville for Reba's induction; May 28th in Kearney, NE and May 29th in North Platte, NE. Check out our website for all the details

I want to remind you that our concert with Mud Springs Gospel Band in Antelope, OR will be August 14 @ 4 pm NOT the first weekend of August like we usually do. See you there.
Mark and I have so enjoyed being in the NW these last 2 weeks. Hiking, climbing, and eating great fish, visiting Anna and our kinfolks & friends here. We participated with Transition's Gate in Spokane and were so blessed to see so many support this great ministry.

We are still adamant about eating right, find information on the Paleo Diet on our website along with Advocare, and the skin products I use from "NuSkin". Contact us if you need more information on any if these products.

Ladies, make plans now to attend our annual Pamper Me Ladies retreat the first weekend in November in our hometown of Atoka, OK.

CHRISTMAS.....Yes, it's closer than you think! Let's get that Christmas program booked for your church, business, family, or office. Dates are still available!!

"May the angels protect you; troubles neglect you...." from "Never Alone",

Susie & Mark

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hi Everyone!
I am writing this letter just hours after a devastating tornado hit our part of the country here in Atoka, Oklahoma. Although neither Mark and I nor any of our immediate family was hurt, folks have lost their homes, possessions, and even loved ones…and a local school facility is a complete loss. On top of our busy lives "as is", here piles on "much more to do". Loss of revenue, furniture, clothing, possessions that mean so much…yet in the midst of that we let it all go and thank God that we still have each other. Our prayers go out to those who have lost.

THE greatest thing I see at work after such a catastrophe is the sense of community that is felt. People of all ages, races, genders come together, roll up their sleeves, slip on a pair of muck boots, and get to work. They bring food, they hug and cry with those affected. We are drawn together in hard times…that has been proven throughout the history of our country.

Mark and I want to thank you for your faithful and generous support of what we do. Our mission is to bring "Inspirational and Entertaining Presentations of Substance" to our audiences across the country, and you help make that possible.

Cowboy Church is still on the air and doing well. Russ Weaver and I have had a hard time being in the same spot as often as we need, but we are all working hard to keep things as smooth as possible. The KwikScan Bible has been a very popular item as is our newest cd, "Passages".

Many of you have asked how my father, Clark McEntire is doing. We have great news!! Although he still needs fulltime care, he has been moved to the Reba Rehabilitation Center in Denison, TX and daily decks out in his jeans, shirt, and black felt cowboy hat! Daddy continues to improve a bit at a time, is talking, taking regular food, and is standing with help
for extended periods of time. A huge blessing is that he knows all of us…and we still get to hear his great stories!! Funny….I'm listening more intently now….

God bless you and Happy spring!
Susie & Mark

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thank You

Hi Everyone!
Just a short note (there is laundry and a van to be unloaded!) to say thank you so much for all your calls, emails, thoughts and prayers for our father, Clark McEntire.
Daddy is holding his own right now….he is resting and doesn't seem to hurt…we are giving him lots of updates about what is going on with each of us and loading him up with lots of hugs and kisses. Things I haven't said to daddy in my 50+ years keep spilling from my heart…I want him to know how much I love and appreciate him and saying THANKS for all the times he took me up in the hills with him to work on fence, feed, or maybe to gather a wild steer. Daddy and I could go LITERALLY hundreds of miles without speaking a word…..I learned so much about ranching and just plain life from watching him. Thanks Daddy.
Mark and I took a break from hospital life to do our part to help make the 2011 Timed Event Championship a success. Record crowds this year - Congrats to Kyle Lockett who is a spectacular rodeo competitor and to all who competed on 25 head of cattle. Church was fantastic with some of the cowboys sharing their stories…what a great influence these men have on the younger ones coming up the ladder of competition. Thanks to Candice Myers who sang spectacularly! and also let me sing with her.
I have to give Mark kudos here….he had 14 minutes to share something meaningful, Spiritual, emotional, and deeply inspirational with the crowd Sunday morning…he did that and more!! I admire the way Mark enters a story, draws people in with him, holds their attention…(great to see cowboys sit on the edge of their seat in anticipation)…and lets the intrigue peak….THEN I see the folks relate to what he is saying…they have entered the story with him, and went away with a renewed sense of hope from the service. Thank God for that.
We came back to the hospital on Sunday evening and spent the night with Mama and Daddy, and Alice. We made the decision for Mama and Alice to go home for the night, but during that time, I had to make the decision to call Mama and tell her that Daddy was giving us signs (breathing) that it may be close to his "going home". That was a tough decision for me…Mark was right there with me being so supportive….but I wanted Mama to be with Daddy IF that was going to be his time. They got back to the hospital and Daddy calmed….a wonderful thing to experience the love, closeness and camaraderie that my parents have with each other. Daddy made it thru Monday as well…family is a wonderful concept God has put together in times like this…Reba flew in with her family…we all went to supper while Mark stayed with Daddy…we laughed and talked about old times and reminisced about experiences we've had in our life with our daddy/grandpa….now we are watching and waiting and looking forward to experience a wonderful homecoming with him.

In Christ's wonderful and merciful love,
Susie & Mark
P.S. Daddy rallied today and is opening his eyes. What a great thing to see those baby blues!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Spring!

Hi Everyone…and HAPPY SPRING!
 Well…at least here in Oklahoma/Texas!  To all of you still experiencing the cold of winter…"HELP IS ON THE WAY!"
 Mark and I are traveling back from Giddings/Smithville, TX where we did concert/speaking engagements this weekend. We were treated royally and loved every minute of our stay.
We want to come back to this area!  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Pictures will be posted on our website.
Fun News! 
We recently have topped the 5000 fan mark on Facebook;
We have The Paleo Solution book available …it has been literally been flying off the shelf as we speak about its effectiveness at our concerts!
We are distributors for Advocare…there is a wonderful 24 day "Jump Start" program of weight loss available there…and pre & post workout supplies for those of you who are starting to get ready to go "pool side";
We are also distributors for NuSkin - please look this product up!  It is great for rejuvenation of our skin and will help you fight the battle of the inevitable!!!  Wonderful business opportunities available here...
The Quick Scan Bible that Cowboy Church tv is promoting is also in our office.
Let us know if you're interested in any of these opportunities.
This message is short…just want to invite you to Guthrie, OK to the Timed Event Championships next weekend…then we will be in Greenville, TX the next Sunday.  After that…we are in Florida!  Still have a few nights available if you would like to host a concert.   
We so appreciate your support.  We are having a great time spreading the message of HOPE across the country. 
God bless and keep you this week!
Susie & Mark

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi From Frosty South Dakota!!

Wow! It got cold and icy here in Rapid City for our Sunday Cowboy Church service, but it didn't keep these faithful northerners from showing up to worship with us!! I truly believe that we had the "normal" attendance…and if it hadn't been so nasty outside, more seats would have been occupied and we may have been at capacity. (1200 on the ground floor). We will try and shoot for that next year!!
Western Singer Joni Harms was hampered by the bad weather and we are glad we encouraged her to go back to Oregon when her plane to Rapid got cancelled Saturday night. We love you Joni…will get together again soon!!
Keenie Word, along with the Ft Hayes Wranglers, Miss Rodeo America McKenzie Haley, Justin McKee (rodeo announcer extraordinaire), Terry Nordine (MC), Karen Balsley (talented local singer), Heidi Crawford (NuSkin representative) along with me and Mark….did our very best to glorify God and help bring the folks closer to a relationship with Jesus. We also repeated a 4pm "Evenin Gathering" from last year and had good attendance….some remarked that it was good for them because they couldn't get to Rapid for the 11 am service.
This morning, we picked up the Rapid City Journal…..what great, articulate coverage! Thanks to Shell Jeffery-Tomjack, Journal Correspondent who came, took pics and wrote an awesome report. One quote was "I like the music and the Western atmosphere. We are here to hear the word of God in a different way. We are always open to a different perspective." (Tom Mahr Hot Springs resident) One pastor from Hot Springs got a replacement for his church so he could come to Cowboy Church yesterday. What a deal!!
Many of you were right there with us…we shared a few weeks ago about our expenses there in the theater, and you helped us out. We went in debt free and will have enough to pay our expenses to stay here the rest of the week, attend functions during Stock Show, hold 3 more concerts in the area, and send much needed funds home to the office. THANK YOU!!! Isn't it neat to be a part of a mission trip, right here in the USA?
We are expecting Susie's son Samuel here in a few days. He is competing in the Calf Roping on Saturday….Susie gets to sing the National Anthem that night as well.
We will be in Smithwick, SD 7pm on Thursday, New Underwood 9:45 am Sunday, and Kadoka, SD, 2pm Sunday afternoon.
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!
Susie & Mark

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Successful weekend in Kearney, NE

Hi Everyone!
We had a great and successful weekend here in Kearney, NE. Joel Bieschke and Larry Chamberlain of Creative Community Promotions showcased us on Sunday morning for the Nebraska Fair Buyers Convention where we booked several fairs for this summer! We are so excited! Hope to see you there.
On Sunday evening, we sang/spoke at First Baptist Church here in Kearney. Over 600 people attended, thanks to Pastor Stan Murdock for his warm hospitality!
We will be in Valentine, NE on Wednesday, Fairburn, SD on Thursday, and Rapid City at the Stock Show on Saturday night to sing Anthem for Extreme Bulls and on Sunday 11 am and 4pm in the theater. Thanks so much to those of you who have donated to help us with the expenses…God bless you!

Hope to see y'all there!!
Susie & Mark

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hi Everyone!!
Mark and I both left our Oklahoma home on Tuesday - the fall foliage was in the stages of being absolutely spectacular! Things had settled down a bit at our home office…after getting our new cd "Passages" recorded and delivered and the 5th Annual Pamper Me enjoyed…we "got out of Dodge" to tend to other business.
I am writing this letter to you at about 32000 feet on Southwest Airlines flight to Seattle. A little mother/daughter time has been spent with Lucchese the last few days - helping to move her into a new apartment…this gal (me) found my way around Hollywood!!! We had great weather and a really good time. Now headed to see my honey and try to stay warm in Seattle. We are going to a concert tonight with Mark's son Kyle, who has a weekend off for Veteran's Day.

Pamper Me was spectacular! In reading the comment cards, it is overwhelmingly true that the ladies were blessed. THANKS to our committee who worked for days before and after and hardly ever got off their feet that weekend….for all their love that went into our event, and to those who paid to work! Blessings on you!!

Special thanks to our special speakers/singers: Eddie Baiseri, Judy Nelson, Lisa Reiff, Cherie Jackson, Ann Lewis, Christy Green, Alice Foran, Denise Lovell, Mark Eaton, Miranda Brown, and Theresa Carpenter. The ladies loved you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I love being the one who is responsible for an event of this undertaking….it sure makes me appreciate/be gracious when I'm the one enjoying the program. Thanks Ladies for making Pamper Me a huge success!! We are looking forward to next year!!
Cowboy Church on RFD tv is going strong and we have a special offer to the viewers that may help us to financially be able to stay on the air. "Quick Scan" Bible. I think it's for me…those who have trouble retaining material, eyesight problems, etc. It is a wonderful tool to be able to read God's Word.

Mark and I will be at Circle C Cowboy Church, Mt. Pleasant, TX on November 21, then home for Thanksgiving. All my kids will be with us and Mark's son Kyle will also be joining us. We are looking forward to a great time! We will gear up again the beginning of December with some Christmas concerts… for our itinerary.
We pray that your Thanksgiving is all you envision it to be. Landing……
God bless you,
Susie & Mark

Friday, October 29, 2010

Headed home from West Texas...

Hi Everyone!
Mark and I are sitting in the breakfast area of Holiday Inn, Ft Stockton, TX…he is studying and I'm answering emails and writing to you. Last night, we had a great time in concert with the Pecos County Cowboy Church. Thanks to Pastor Kevin Weatherby who worked so hard to provide everything we needed as far as venue, sound, and folks to sing to. We had a very warm crowd who sat very patiently and responded to every word we sang and spoke. Thanks to everyone!! Except for the allergies I'm experiencing…

We have been in West Texas since October 14, and we are headed home…..

We are turning our heads, hearts, and minds in to Pamper Me and making all our final preparations. Our office staff and committee members have been working so hard preparing for your arrival. Registration will be open as long as we can, but we have to get a count in to our food providers. There's still time for you to register…580 889 5219. Our activities line up is chock full of inspiration, laughter, and fun. Please come and join us!!
I am so excited about introducing my husband, Mr. Mark Eaton to our attendees. I have asked Mark to speak to us and also coach us in some fitness exercises.
You will not want to miss this special event! November 5 & 6. Come to Pamper Me!!
Gotta go…Mr. S is saying it's time to "Head East"!
God bless you,
Susie & Mark

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hi! from West Texas

Hi Everyone!!

Mark and I experienced a 'whale of a thunderstorm' last night in West Texas! The thunder and lightening were spectacular, but because the cotton farmers are trying their best to get their harvest in…the storm both excited us and made us sad…..the whole experience wasn't too good for them.
We've had some fantastic meetings with really good attendance. We started out this trip at Chapel Hill Baptist Church, Odessa, TX, where the 'Jeffs', pastor one and two, and their wives/congregation treated us like royalty. We stayed the weekend and had a series of concerts and hopefully touched Odessa in a positive way. The church reached out to 1500 homes to invite the neighborhoods to come to the concerts and have a personal relationship with Jesus. There's no telling how long the church will feel the ripple effect from that act of kindness.
We headed up to Lamesa to the Church of the Nazarene Sunday afternoon and the church was full!! Thanks to Pastor Lee and Linda - but especially to long time friends Gary & Judy Jones. We experienced their world right now: COTTON HARVEST! What a blessing these farmers are to the world….It made us appreciate our cotton skivvies. The neighborhood was wondering who in the world these two strangers were in the back yard throwing kettlebells up in the air and doing pushups in the drive way most mornings & afternoons. To see what we do on the road, go to our Facebook: We stayed/ate/played music with Gary and Judy until we pulled up stakes and made our move on up to Quitaque.
The First United Methodist Church in Quitaque, TX rocked that night!! Methodist/Baptists/and what alls came and we even had fellowship afterwards with cake/cookies/sandwiches. Thanks to Pastor John, but ESPECIALLY Wayde Clay who invited us to come. Wayde and hubby Ronald invited us to supper last night and we had a great time visiting with them. She blessed me (Susie) with a quilt that I will always cherish. Thanks to Terry and Robin Boedeker who let us stay in their home this week. We needed internet and a quiet place to rest…mission accomplished!
Ron & Marianne Brunson have been friends of mine for ages…they minister in Plainview, TX at New Covenant and Cowboy Church. What a sweet group of people that showed up that night! Mark and I just sat on the stage and basically talked our "sermon" and had a really good time there.
We are sitting in the cabin this morning with a cup of coffee and fruit……watching thru the window horses grazing in the pasture next to us and wanting the sun to shine so we can hike in the Palo Duro State Park and see some 'stuff'! Mark is studying across the table from me and I am writing to you and learning my new songs off our cd "Passages".
We are excited about going to Clovis, NM tomorrow night….AND all the places after that….Andrews, TX the next morning and a long trek back to Canyon that afternoon….Lots of windshield time!! WHAT keeps us going are the warm welcomes, the look of PEACE when I sing "Someday I Know" and the awareness of TRUTH in the eyes of folks when Mark speaks. Our tour ends in Ft Stockton on October 28 at Pecos County Cowboy Church…we hope to see y'all along the way. Go to: for the itinerary.
Thanks to all our hosts for sharing your heart, the hard work, meals, hotel rooms, and friendships that last forever!!
Ladies….it's not too late to register for Pamper Me, November 5 & 6, Atoka, OK.
God bless you,
Susie & Mark

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall is certainly in the air...

Hi Everybody!
Fall is certainly in the air….it's only 83 degrees here in Oklahoma today and it is so nice!
Mark and I had a wonderful but busy 'with lots of miles' summer. We just got back from a two month trip and are ready to head to New York and New Jersey this weekend. for details.
Pamper Me registration is in full swing. We are not having the regular manicure/pedicure/hair festivities as we used to. I feel like my staff (Mary, Doris, Emily and Elise) needed a break this year from all the scheduling and coordinating of appointments. This may return to Pamper Me in the future, but for this year, please come to relax, listen, enjoy, laugh, re-new friendships, and meet ladies from all over the United States. Register at New location: Victory Life Church, south of Atoka, OK on Hwy 69.
Recording plans for our new cd are coming along nicely. I am "culling" down to 11 songs and it's a tussle sometimes! I've got some really great selections and I know you'll enjoy the cd. We appreciate your prayers and support. Many of you have responded to our request to financially support the recording…we really appreciate that. It will be done by Pamper Me…November 5.
Our thanks go out to Open Range Cowboy Church and Bar None Cowboy Church for hosting us this weekend. Full houses and enthusiastic crowds!! We sold out of cds during the ladies conference and met a wonderful speaker, Eddie Baiseri, who will be speaking for us at Pamper Me. Thanks to all who make our visits happen…we know it's a lot of work….but ain't it worth it?

You can go on and hear more news about us. Mark loves Facebook and is posting pics all over the place. He's busy!!
Speaking of…he's cowboying right now….yes, Mr. Seattle is out on the range and having a ball….just called me on his cell, but had to hang up 'cause a steer went into the bushes and he had to 'go after' him. Sure hope he doesn't lose that cell phone!!
Our Christmas concert season is filling up, but we still have a few dates available. Call 580 889 5219 if you'd like to have us come.
Also, we are in West Texas in October…email if you'd like to schedule a concert.
Cowboy Church at Limestone Gap tonight…hope to see you!
In Christ,
Susie & Mark

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi Everybody!

We hope your summer is continuing to be fun and full of family/friends and all kinds of activities.
At this particular moment in time, we are on a plane enroute to Portland where we will travel to Antelope, OR for our annual Antelope Community Church concert at 4pm in the church yard. We always enjoy seeing our regular attendees and meeting new folks every year…we hope to have a GRAND REUNION one year and see just how many we can squeeze into the church yard and the neighbor's yard!

There was record attendance Sunday at the Cheyenne Frontier Days during cowboy church. The weather was absolutely perfect….Russ Weaver, Ted Wiese, and my awesome husband Mark did a great job speaking, and the Caballero family did a wonderful job leading us in worship in song. Thanks to those who help make this a success, and especially to the Frontier Days Media Committee for all their help and support. See you next year!

We had 3 cd winners at the service on Sunday….Lonnie Fiscus from Cheyenne, WY, Gene Dombrowski from Longmont, CO and Arnold Goodluck from Houck, AZ . Thanks for playing!!

Tuesday night, we were in front of a capacity crowd at the Soldiers of the Light church in Casper, WY. What a neat fellowship! If you are in the Casper area, they are a church for the people and you would be blessed to be involved. Thanks to Debbie and Jay, Jean, and Neal and Gail. We had a great time!

Registrations are coming in for Pamper Me. This is a huge blessing for us to be able to bring ladies to our hometown in order for them to experience our part of the world.
Register at

Many of you have asked how my kids' father, Paul Luchsinger is doing. Mark and I spoke briefly with him recently as he stopped off in Cheyenne, Wyoming to watch Samuel compete in the Calf Roping and Steer Roping events while on his way to Montana. When Mark asked about his health, he replied, "Great…great!". Good for him.

God bless you!
Susie and Mark

Friday, July 23, 2010

Join Us in November!


We are getting geared up and ready to host our 5th Annual Pamper Me Ladies Retreat here in our hometown of Atoka, OK.
One of its purposes is to serve as a fund raiser for the ministry efforts of Susie & Mark.
This year's Pamper Me will be held at Victory Life Church, November 5 & 6, 2010.
Life stories, shopping, food, laughter, (a few tears), TALKING, interesting, inspirational, and entertaining speakers, silent auction, and MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!
Due to limitations beyond our control, we won't be having manicures/pedicures/massage/or hair care as before….so sorry!!
Come and Be Pampered Mind, Soul, Spirit and Body.
Registration is open. You can call 580 889 5219, or go online at
Cost is $75/person or $70/person for groups of 10 or more.
If you are a vendor/crafty person or entrepreneur of the best "whatever" there is to sell…we have an awesome booth facility available. Opportunity for you is available.
Susie McEntire

Busy time in the midwest this weekend

Hi Everybody,

We are sitting at the Sea-Tac airport waiting to board for our flight to Denver. It's a beautiful day here and it's hard to leave Seattle when there's blue skys!! Thanks to Randy and Toad for bringing us in to the airport at such an early hour!!
We had a wonderful time in Cannon Beach, Carlton, and Lafayette last week. Thanks to all of you who made our visit and time of ministry a success!
We have a busy time in the midwest this weekend…we hope if you're in the area you can join us. Tonight, Mark and I will be at First Baptist Church in Cheyenne; I sing the anthem for the performance at the rodeo tomorrow, fly to Branson, CO for the CICA convention on Saturday night.
Come join us for Cowboy Church in the BIG grandstands at 9am Sunday morning for the Daddy of "em All". On Tuesday, we will be at Soldiers of the Light Church in Casper, WY.
Hope to see you in the next few days!!
Please look on the itinerary…we will be in Antelope, OR, Hayes Center, NE, Ennis, MT, Madill, OK and Wichita Falls, TX before we head home at the end of August…lots of windshield and airport time ahead for us. Kyle turned 22 this month, Lucchese 24, and Samuel 21……Mark celebrates his #54 birthday August 17….guess who's happiest?

Thanks for your financial and prayer support!!

God bless you,
Susie & Mark

Friday, July 16, 2010

Catching up

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say Hi! and catch up with you.
Mark and I are enjoying Family Camp here at Cannon Beach Conference Center in Cannon Beach, OR, where lots of families are enjoying their own family vacation! Shane Womack is teaching, Judy Nelson, Lisa Reiff are doing praise and worship, Steve and Craig are doing the music and I am providing the "specials". :) It has been a wonderful week, with lots of new friends made and ones re-united.

I just read Reba's post on Facebook about my "bridge" using her fabulous luggage (available only in Dillard's Department stores). Facebook is an awesome way to stay in touch with family and friends…become a fan of mine and Reba's today!!
We will be in Carlton Sunday am and Lafayette on Sunday pm. We then go back to Everett, WA on Monday and hopefully see my daughter, Lucchese.
We fly to Denver, drive to Cheyenne, WY on Friday where we will be in concert at First Baptist Church Friday night, Sing the Anthem for Cheyenne Frontier Day's Saturday afternoon performance, fly to Colorado Saturday night for the CICA in Branson, CO, then back to Cheyenne Frontier Days for Cowboy Church in front of Grandstand B at 9am Sunday morning. The Caballero Family will sing, Russ Weaver will preach, Keenie Word will sing, and you can meet Mark! Oh…and I will sing as well. Thanks to all our volunteers who help make this wonderful church service happen!
We will be at the Wood Guest Ranch and Equestrian Center in Crystal, OK for the Atoka Trail Riders Rodeo, September 9th. Russ Weaver and I will host Cowboy Church at 6:30 pm (filmed for RFD-TV) with a BBQ afterwards, mutton busting for the kids, and more entertainment. Tickets are $10. For more information on the location visit
Even though there are some of you who DO support us, I have not been good at letting people know when we are in need of financial support for the work Mark and I do, but I will now. If you believe in what we are doing (ministering Grace and Redemption) we ask you to help support our work through monthly donations. Even though I have been busier these past 4 years since my separation/divorce, the money, due to higher costs of travelling, just doesn't go as far. I will adjust my fees in the year of 2011, but this is the first fee adjustment in probably 15 years. If you would like to support our work with a tax deductible donation, you can send your check Payable to SVCC to: Susie McEntire, LLC 406 W 10th St Atoka, OK 74525
Future Events: We will be going into the studio in September to record a new cd; Pamper Me Ladies Retreat is getting a whole big Facelift this year!!! Register Today!!
Have a great day/weekend!!!
God bless you,

Susie & Mark

Monday, June 28, 2010

Have a wonderful, patriotic, and safe 4th of July!!

Hi Everybody!

We got back about 2am from Omaha, NE, then went to sing at a long time family friend's funeral in my "school days" town of Kiowa, OK. It's amazing how generations of families parallel each other through the years…from my mama and daddy being friends with his parents, to now my son Samuel being friends with his grandson. A terrific circle of life!

Mark and I had a wonderful time in Council Bluffs & Centerville, IA and Elkhorn, NE! Thanks to our hosts the Gregory's, Ballanger's, and Spurgeon' guys are terrific!

The weather was great and the crowds friendly. We appreciate Sherwood Community Church, New Hope Ministries, and Grace Community Church (along with Elkhorn Days) for sponsoring our events.
What a storm we drove through last night just east of Oklahoma City. Mark hasn't experienced Oklahoma t-storms like this, and it was a great way to stay awake while driving!! Thanks to the Rain-X Mark had applied to the windshield…it helped a lot!!
We got many positive remarks about the two Cowboy Church episodes that Mark and I appeared on together. We are both very thankful for the opportunities to share our story and life. We also appreciate Cox Cable for adding RFD tv to their line up so that cable subscribers can catch Cowboy Church on Sunday afternoons. Thanks for your support.
For those of you here in our area of SE Oklahoma, we will be at our local Fellowship at Limestone Gap tomorrow night. We eat at 6:30 and have the service at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome.
We begin our summer tour on Sunday with a concert in Prague, OK, then to Cannon Beach, OR for a week long conference…then…….we will be in contact with you as we go this summer. Please view our itinerary on to know where we will be.
Our fall/winter schedule is filling up, but there are still dates available. If you would like to host a concert in your area and see a date that would work for you, please contact Mary at 580 889 5219 or .
God bless you all…have a wonderful, patriotic, and safe 4th of July!! Our love goes out to the Newberry family today.

Susie & Mark

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Summer!

Hi Everybody and Happy Summer!!!

Mark & I are sitting in the Starbucks in Shawnee, OK doing work and fixing to head to the airport in OKC….headed to Omaha, NE!

It's a wonderful world! Mark is meeting my friend Kat Gregory (the famous radio star Nashville Kat) and we will both meet her husband Bruce for the first time.

On Wednesday night, we will be at their home church, Sherwood Community Church in Council Bluffs, IA. Then we head over to Ottumwa, IA to hold a benefit concert for the Bridgeview Center on Friday night, and again, Mark meets more of my friends….Vicki Spurgeon and Linda Ballanger. I have been involved with Bridgeview for several years now and what a wonderful program they have!!! If you are in the area, I cordially invite you to come and enjoy the night.

On Sunday morning, we will be in Elkhorn, NE at the QC Farm Supply where we will hold Cowboy Church in conjunction with the Grace Community Lutheran Church.

If you haven't made plans for your 4th of July celebration, we will be in Prague, OK at the Prague Park at 6pm.

Check website for all the details. Hope to see you!

Our family just got back from vacation…33 of us in the Bahamas (a few complete with cowboy hats)…we had a great time. It's a great opportunity for the younger nieces/nephews/cousins and sisters/brothers/mother/daughter, etc./etc. to get to know one another better and re-new relationships. It's amazing when we get older and mature/enter new facets of our lives, that we can experience each other fresh and new. We had a ball.

Mark and I celebrated 6 months of married bliss on the 12th….I'm sure he wondered, "Now why in the world did I come to Oklahoma?" as he attacked a rattler on our porch last night (with a shovel) in the moonlight. We are deciding how to best run our business and be efficient with our tasks. We've decided that Mark will be handling the publicity/marketing/branding department, including writing this newsletter. He brags on me way toooo much, so I'll be proofing his letters….

If you'd like to be a friend with us on Facebook, go to

Thank you for your financial support… we really appreciate your help.

God bless you and "come see us"!

Susie & Mark

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I stand in awe of God this morning...

Hi Everybody…

I stand in awe of God this morning. Even in the Oklahoma storms last night, I know that He showed Himself mighty in many peoples' lives. We lift up those who lost friends, family, and property in prayer this morning.

Mark and I just returned from our weekend in East Texas…by the way, it's THE MOST BEAUTIFUL place in the world, besides out our back door. To all of you who hosted us, fixed meals, set up chairs, made hotel reservations, sold cds, sang, spoke, swept the porch, made coffee, pulled tv cables, or simply just sat in the crowd and looked awesome…..THANK YOU!!! We taped for Cowboy Church and these shows should look really good. We enjoyed meeting you and hope to come back soon!!

I am "at this moment" at the beauty shop getting a "detail". It's sorely needed…just ask Mark! We are doing a photo shoot for "Faith and Fitness" magazine soon and need to "up our game" here. Tonight we host the Fellowship at Limestone Gap (held at our home this week only,) and leave for Poplar Bluff, Missouri on Friday for a concert at Thousand Hills Cowboy Church. On Saturday night we'll be at 15th Cattleman's Restaurant in Green Forest, 304 Main St. To sing for a "dinner show" is just down home "singing for your supper". Sunday morning, we'll be at the Green Forest Cowboy Church held at the Sale Barn, 304 Main St., Green Forest, AR. I am so looking forward to this weekend!!! Hope you can join us..we'll have a great time.

It will be good to be back in the great NW soon! I'm sure Mark's heart is longing to see our home there, the beautiful scenery, his mom, and his (my new) friends.

During the storm last night, we sat with Samuel and watched home videos…it was fun to see the kids at 5, 8, and 11, and this video showed when Samuel broke his leg at age 5. How fast time flies! My kids went through much of the same turmoil in their lives as I did, and I see them growing up and going on with their lives. I am truly proud of the decisions we've made in our lives to go on with what God has for us. He is a God of amazingly huge/vast grace.

Thank you for your support financially to help us do what Mark and I are doing. At ages 52 and 53, we are on the verge of something really neat that God is doing in our lives together. We are excited about what's in store for us.

God bless you!
Susie & Mark

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Wow! it's been beautiful here in SE Oklahoma. We've received letters from many of you from different parts of the country and the conclusion I get is "winter was hard…looking forward to spring".

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends/family in the Gulf of Mexico and Nashville,Tennessee areas. Realizing there's always been disasters, but they sure seem to be hitting really hard & often lately.
Mark and I went to Waco this past weekend for the All Around Performance Ranch Rodeo and had a great time. Greg Moore, Pastor of Top Hand Cowboy Church in Valley Mills, TX preached, and we filmed for Cowboy Church tv show on RFD. On Saturday night, we saw 55,000 excited George Strait/Reba McEntire fans in the Alamodome when we attended the concert there. Great to visit with Reba, Narvel, Melissa Peterman and the entire gang. On Sunday night, we sang/shared with the Bosque County Cowboy Church folks in Meridian, TX (Pastor Kerry & Becky). Thanks to Phil & Susan, Cynthia & RL, Gay, Martha & Keith for hosting us at lunch and for the great hospitality! Monday am, we dropped by Russ and Anna Weaver's home outside Cleburne, TX…thanks for the fellowship and breakfast! Great friends!

This weekend, another tour of Texas! We will be at Chisum Trail Cowboy Church in Powderly Friday night; Josey's Jr. World in Karnack, Sunday morning; Cross Creek Cowboy Church in Atlanta on Sunday night.

We have some dates this summer/fall that are available:
· May 23 in Washington
· June 6 pm in the NE Texas area
· June 27 am & pm in the southern Iowa area
· July 3 pm Oklahoma/Texas areas
· July 25 pm Cheyenne, WY area
· August 5 & 6 on the route from Nebraska to Ennis, MT
· August 9, 10, 11, on the route from Ennis, MT to Seattle, WA
· August 14, 15 Washington and Northern Oregon
· August 22 pm Wichita Falls, TX area
· August 29 pm NE Texas, SE Oklahoma area
· September 15 & 16, Pendleton, OR area or Western Idaho

If you or your church/organization is interested, please contact us here at the office.

The location of our May 11 meeting of the Fellowship at Limestone Gap (our hometown fellowship) has been changed. Contact us for directions. Our fellowship is being very consistent in number, good food, fellowship, laughter and teaching. Please join us on Tuesdays…6:30 pm potluck/service at 7pm.

God bless you!
Susie & Mark

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi Everyone!

To all of you who attended our concerts in Orange, Sulphur and Deweyville….We want to thank you for your support!. We had a great time in the deep south of Texas and Louisiana, met up with people we hadn't seen in years and met new friends.

You can see by the picture that Mark and I enjoyed the coast. We admired the tenacious spirit of the people in the gulf who are building their homes back. We have a renewed respect for the love they have for their homeland and way of life. Thanks for having us in your part of the country.

We worked out today, went in to the office and had a day of rest following our 8 hour trek back home yesterday. The day was beautiful and full of sunshine and the cattle are nipping at the grass surrounding the house.

We conducted Cowboy Church at Limestone Gap this evening where I sang "It is Well" and Mark taught on Matthew 9…..Jesus having compassion (The Message says His heart broke) while sharing the Good News to those who had lost hope, who were confused/aimless….like sheep with no shepherd. (again…quoting The Message).

We go to OKC tomorrow to Grace Living Centers for a noon luncheon. My friend Becky (who also attended Kiowa High School) invited me there and I'm anxious to catch up with her.

Lucchese comes home next Saturday for a 3 day visit. All of us are "beside ourselves" wanting to see her. Will be fun. E.P. is processing cattle and Samuel is still swinging his rope. Daniel and Tara I am sure are anticipating Bangladesh and Kyle has completed his training in the Marine Corp.

We go to Waco on May 2…we have the evening of May 2 open if you are on our way back home…let us know.

May God continue to wrap His blessed arms around you…Susie & Mark

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Hi Everybody!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood….Mark and I flew in to Dallas last night from Seattle, got picked up by Bobby Brown…he and wife Janice so GRACIOUSLY let us park our car at their home in Coppell….and stopped in Frisco to eat Sushi with Emily and Elise Hanes (who have kept our website in good shape for years). We are working this morning…already did a radio interview for Hot Springs and now getting my head into the concert tonight!!!! The Watering Hole in Garvin, OK. Now, Garvin is almost as far southeast in Oklahoma as you can get, and I am so excited about Mark seeing spring in Oklahoma for the first time.

Friday, we will go over to Hot Springs to listen to Tom Wilkins' band at the Ray Lynn Theatre and then on Saturday, I will be singing on stage there. Hope to see your smiling face…we will have a great time.

Lucchese is still doing well in Hollywood, working as an esthetician; E.P. is working hard getting his cattle out on the grass…now is the time for vaccinations/worming/eartags and then….bonvoyage to the hills for the bovine!; Samuel is working hard roping calves. Kyle graduates today from infantry school; Tara and her husband Daniel are preparing to be in Bangladesh by August….my what a spread of interests we have in our mingled family! So interesting! We love our kids and are so proud of them!

Next weekend, we'll be in Orange, TX, Sulphur, LA, and Deweyville, TX….would love to see those of you who can join us.

Working on a new cd…well, we are picking songs and plan to go in to the studio by September.

Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts around our marriage……OH! I haven't even told you about the housewarming! The weather was warm and balmy 2 days before and 2 days after, but the "day of" was rainy, snowy, and cold. No worries! the beans and cornbread made it wonderful and those who could..made it. Thank you so much for your calls, emails, letters and gifts….we love you and we love the house.

Grace is so alive in my life's amazing how when you have lacked certain things in your life and have been without, it flows much easier out of you when you have received it. I want to be able to give grace today..because I've been given an abundance.

God bless you,

Susie and Mark

Friday, March 12, 2010

Everything we do, let us do as unto the Lord

Hi Everyone,
This morning, as I was scraping sheetrock mud off the guest bathroom tub & floor of our beautiful new home, I thought about how I used to kind of "scoff" at the old Indian Prayer of "don't judge my neighbor until I've walked a mile in his moccasins". It came clear to me this morning as I scraped and then remembered what Jesus said in Matthew 7:12…New Living Translation"Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets." ~THE GOLDEN RULE~

I thought of many examples of this concerning our new home: each phase relies on the next to do the very best job that is possible. If the dirtwork isn't done right, the foundation isn't stable; foundation not stable, framing out of whack; framing out of whack…sheetrock not an easy job to do…and on and on. When it comes to my cleanup….sheetrock mud in the bathtub and on the floors is a nuisance to me.

I watched a movie one time called "The Doctor" where the doctor became the patient. It wasn't a good experience for him, but he sure learned what it was like to be treated like "just another number". I wonder how many of us would be better stewards of what we do if we were "on the other end of the stick". I didn't appreciate the sponsors of my concerts so much until after my first Pamper Me ladies conference. I knew what work went into preparing for the speakers/singers to arrive and what it took to get people there to sit in the chairs.

Maybe a painter needs to experience someone coming into their house to paint and how he would like the quality of work to be. Maybe a little closer to home: As a teacher watches his/her child be taught in another teacher's classroom, their quality of teaching for other parents' children might heighten.

Everything we do, let us do as unto the Lord.

God bless you today,Susie McEntire-Eaton

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hi Everyone!
We had a wonderful time at the Wrangler Timed Event in Guthrie, OK. The competition was fierce - Congrats to Josh Peek - who happens to be proud father of twins….We got to visit with his mom - had a great visit! We filmed for Cowboy Church and the service was awesome!

Mark and I are moving stuff from the old house and getting ready for our housewarming. Thanks to so many of you who have shopped at Bed Bath & Beyond and sent us gifts to outfit our home. You are so generous!

If you are in our area, Cowboy Church at Limestone Gap is meeting tonight at 6:30 for supper and 7:00 pm for the teaching. Mark is speaking out of Matthew 6 and I will be singing. We enjoy the fellowship so much and are grateful to be in our Oklahoma home.

God bless and enjoy the day!!!
Susie & Mark

Friday, February 19, 2010

Upcoming Appearances

Hi Everyone,
Susie will be in Tyler, TX this weekend for a Women's Retreat on Saturday and Cowboy Church on Sunday morning. Everyone is invited to Crossbrand Cowboy Church Sunday morning 11915 FM 2015, Tyler, TX 75708. Services are at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

March 5-7, 2010, Timed Event Championship on Guthrie, OK. Cowboy Church will be held Sunday morning, March 7 in the Lazy E Arena, 9600 Lazy E Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044.

Susie and Mark will be hosting Cowboy Church at Liberty Ranch, Limestone Gap, OK on Tuesday, February 23 at 7:00 p.m. Liberty Ranch Sale Arena is 11 miles south of Kiowa, or 16 miles north of Atoka on Hwy. 69. There will be singing, preaching, and fellowship.

If you are near any of these locations hope you can come!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Mark & I are at our Washington home taking some time to "re-group" after being on the road for two weeks. We were in Los Angeles visiting my daughter, Lucchese; then to San Diego to attend Mark's son Kyle's Marine Corp Graduation; then two weekends in Rapid City, SD for the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. What a time we had!


During our stay in Rapid, we sang and spoke in Fairburn, Edgemont, and New Underwood…THANKS to all of you who made these events possible! Our first ever Ladies Gathering was a success! We are planning another event possibly in the spring in the Black Hills area.

Weather in Oklahoma has been pretty rough this winter. My son, E.P. has had a time getting his cattle fed with all the wet weather. My brother Pake told me that they can't get the feed truck up to the troughs because it's so muddy. "The muddiest winter I've ever seen", he said.

I talked to Samuel this morning and he was in Jackson, Mississippi at the PRCA rodeo. Lucchese is still working hard at the Brau Haus in Pasadena as an esthetician. Mark's daughter Tara and her husband Daniel are still in school in Boston and Kyle is back in Camp Pendleton doing his infantry training.

We will be in Tyler, Texas at Crossbrand Cowboy Church for their ladies conference February 20 and in church service on Sunday morning at 9 and 11 am. March 5-7, Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Timed Event Championship (we will film Cowboy Church), Church at 9:30 am.

Many of you have asked about sending a wedding or housewarming gift to us. ….Well, we had a headache…I mean…..we had a blast registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond - a wide range of gifts from expensive to inexpensive. Please don't feel obligated, but if you were one of those interested, go to and link to Bridal Registry. We are registered under "Susie McEntire-Eaton".

God bless and see you soon!
Susie & Mark

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From Rapid City, SD

Hi Everyone!

Hope your day is going well…

We had an awesome service on Sunday here in Rapid City, SD. It's colder than a well digger's rear, but hey, it's winter!!!

Lenora Reichert, Keenie Word, and I sang and WE were so blessed by Joni Harms and her awesome ability to draw such meaning and emotion from her songs.

Neal Hughes brought the message and hit exactly what I and 3/4ths of the people in the room are going through in our lives. I want to thank all of our sponsors, Kelli Word for all the work she did to prepare for the service, and the Fellowship of Christian Cowboy Chapter here in Rapid for their support. THANK YOU!

At 5pm Sunday, 50 ladies met in the theatre and had a great time of sharing and fellowship. We are planning on an extended version of this format in the future, so please keep that in mind for next year. A quote from one of the ladies: "Enjoyed seeing you at Rapid City, both in a.m., and pm women's gathering. Your willingness to share no doubt touches everyone in a positive way to deal with whatever they may be going through or facing." Amen!!

Russ Weaver will be preaching next Sunday, February 7th at 11 am in the Civic Center Theatre. My husband, Mark Eaton, and I will share our testimony; Stringbean and his family and Keenie Word will be singing.

If you are in the area, we welcome you to come and then attend the Iron Man competition in the arena.

Wednesday, I will be in Fairburn and Thursday in Edgemont. Saturday I will sing for all the Senior Citizens at Good Samaritan @ 2:30 pm in New Underwood.

My sons E.P. and Samuel are tending to cattle and competing in rodeos, respectively; Mark & I enjoyed our visit with Lucchese in North Hollywood last week and our time with his daughter Tara and son Kyle at Marine Corps graduation in San Diego.

We have had several requests for Barry Ward's contact information. Here it is:Barry

May God bless you always!!!!
Susie & Mark

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi Everybody! We are currently in San Diego, CA for Mark's son Kyle's Marine Corps graduation. I leave here Saturday for Rapid City for the week and Mark joins me on Monday.

We had a great time in LA where we visited with Lucchese…she is doing great!

Want to be sure you who are in the area know about Sunday in Rapid at the Theatre at 11 am for Cowboy Church and 5pm for the Ladies Gathering also in the Theatre!!! We are going to have a great time….

Gotta fly! God bless you and have a GREAT DAY!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Juggling a yogurt and a coffee and a laptop at 29,000 feet

Hi Everyone!
Just a short note to say hi. Mark and I are on the plane headed to our Oklahoma home.

We've been in Seattle for a couple of days taking care of his mom Anna, paying bills, and visiting friends. When we get home, we'll hit the ground running…moving into the new house (which entails getting rid of some of MY stuff - have I mentioned I'm a pack rat?)

We will be in Enid, OK on Thursday at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church beginning at 7pm (Winter Livestock Auction, 2 miles west of Enid on Hwy 412). Pastor Dan O'Daniel will provide the message and I will sing….AND we are filming for Cowboy Church tv.

My gosh! it's such a small world. When we were going down the airplane aisle just a few minutes ago, I saw a man with an Oklahoma Farm Bureau cap on his head. When I asked where he was from, he said, "Oklahoma". (I figured that) "Where in Oklahoma?" He said, "Enid". I invited him and his wife to the concert on Thursday. The same thing happened in Cancun, Mexico while we were on our honeymoon. I saw a man in a t-shirt with a drawing of the state of Oklahoma on the back (Enid pinpointed). Of course, we walked up and struck up a conversation…and invited them to the concert. It is TRULY a small world! Come see us at Enid on Thursday!

My daughter, Lucchese has moved into her own apartment; my oldest son, E.P. is pre-conditioning cattle in very cold temps; my youngest, Samuel is competing in rodeo. Mark's youngest daughter, Tara, and her husband Daniel are finishing up school in the Northeast; his son, Kyle will graduate from Marine Corps boot camp the end of this month; and his eldest daughter, Talia turned 30 today! We are very proud of our children.

The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo in Rapid City, SD is coming up January 31…Service in the theatre at 11am. At 5pm, again in the theatre, for a women's get together. I am so excited about this event! Kelli Word and I have talked about a gathering of this sort for years, and now, it's going to happen. So ladies, plan to join us in the theatre at 5pm! Joni Harms from Canby, OR will be singing and sharing her stories, I will sing, and Keenie Word will also be sharing her talent. There will also be a special testimony. Russ Weaver will join us the next Sunday for Cowboy Church, 11am in the theatre.

After Christmas, Mark and I were able to spend our honeymoon in Cancun with Reba and her husband Narvel and all their family. What a great time to get to know Mark more and him to get to know my family. Thanksgiving and Christmas were both spent getting to know our respective families in Oklahoma and Washington. Mark is slowly getting used to my dialect…..

We appreciate your support as we find out what God has in store for us. We pray that the opportunites that open up would be used to the best of both of our gifts and talents and that we will stay in the center of what God has for us to do.

Better go for now…juggling a yogurt and a coffee and a laptop computer in the middle seat at 29,000 feet. God bless you and I hope to see you soon. Can't wait for you to meet Mark.

In Christ,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas to you!!!

It's a really nice day here in Oklahoma...hard to believe it's the first day of winter!! I want those of you who are in our local area to know that we will have Cowboy Church at Limestone Gap this Tuesday night...supper at 6:30 and church at 7:00. I'd love for you to meet Mark and welcome him to our area.

Most of you already know that I married Mark Eaton on December 12 in Cannon Beach, Oregon..we are adjusting to married life and having a great time. We will split our time between Washington and Oklahoma and right now we are finishing up the last details of the house...trying to move in.

We went to Erath County Cowboy Church in Stephenville, TX yesterday and had a full house. I was there one year ago today and it's amazing how the cowboy churches are growing in numbers and in vitality. Saw lots of friends who I've known for at least 30 years in the rodeo world and it was great getting to see them.

Thank you for continuing to support Cowboy Church on RFD tv. Because of your support, we are able to continue to be on the air. I love it when people respond about the show and how they are blessed to be able to watch. Thanks to Russ Weaver for contiuing to share the Word with us and especially to our film crew, Jimmy Barnes & Ray Dale. Huge blessings on Jim & Ruth Ann Odle who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 18! You've been a blessing to all of us.

We will be celebrating Christmas with Oklahoma cousins on Wednesday, and then flying to Washington on Thursday to celebrate with Mark's family. We hope that your Christmas is warm, inviting, full of visiting with family and friends around the most popular and joyous occasion in history...Christ's birth.

God's richest blessings to you and yours,

Susie & (a most joyous) Mark

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    December 12, 2009

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to share with my friends who have stood by me through the years, that I will be married to Mark Eaton of Everett, WA in Cannon Beach, OR, December 12. We have been planning this for quite awhile and everything lined up perfectly when I was invited to sing at Cannon Beach Conference Center this weekend. You see, Mark and I met here one and half years ago, so this is a very special place for us.

    Please agree with us in prayer that our wedding ceremony will go well, and that for the rest of our lives we will submit unto the Lordship of Jesus Christ individually, and as a couple. We desire to be the best parents/stepparents/mentors/guides/friends to each of our children for the Kingdom of God.

    As far as where we will "hang our hats" we will enjoy the best of 3 worlds.SE Oklahoma, the Great NW, and the ROAD!

    Thank you for your support and your prayers.I can't wait for you to meet Mark.

    In Christ,

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    On my way to Cannon Beach, Oregon

    Hi Everyone!
    I am currently on my way to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the Cannon Beach Conference Center's Christmas Conference this weekend - wow! it's cold here in the Northwest! I am looking forward to ministering there and seeing folks I've met there in the past.

    I am sorry this is so short! Things are going well with me (aside from locking my keys in my car --with it running while in Manhattan, KS). E.P., Lucchese and Samuel are well and thriving in their lives, and my parents are well. We are planning a huge cousins' get together a few days before Christmas and will have a "talking" good time.

    So glad to know that many of you are enjoying the new songs on "I'll Be Home for Christmas" cd. We will highlight some of the songs on Cowboy Church the weekend of the 20th with our Christmas show.

    I hope to see you in the upcoming weeks either in Cannon Beach at the Conference Center, or at the Erath County Cowboy Church Dec 20th, Stephenville, TX.

    God bless you and be safe!

    Monday, November 30, 2009

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hi Everybody!
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families. I spent the week here at home with my family and had a great time visiting with everyone.

    I wanted to give you my upcoming schedule for December. I will be doing a Christmas concert December 2, 2009 in Okemah, OK at the Okemah High School Panther Dome, 704 East Date 6:30 p.m. December 5 I will be in Manhattan, Kansas, check the website for details. Sunday night, Dec. 6 I will be singing at the 2009 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV, then on to Cannon Beach, OR December 11-13. I hope to see there!

    In His love,
    Susie McEntire Luchsinger

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    We are on day 10 of our Nebraska tour!

    Hi Everybody!

    We are on day 10 of our Nebraska tour!! That makes me sound so "professional", huh? I haven't had many tours, so have to talk it up all I can!

    But it has been nice….really good crowds in number and in spirit. We've been in remote areas and the percent of attendance to population has been spectacular. Getting a lot of interest in these areas hosting Cowboy Churches, so coordinator Tim Rust (NE Cowboy Church Association) is pleased.

    We will be in Valentine this afternoon, then I am headed south for home. Next weekend, I am in Bismarck and Hot Springs, AR. THEN….Pamper Me! We are almost all full, so if you are still "up in the air" about coming or not, be sure to register like….QUICK!!!

    Also, this afternoon at 4:30 CST is one of my favorite Cowboy Church episodes we've done. It will re-air on RFD Monday 2:30 PM, Tuesday 12:30 AM, and Friday 7:30 AM.

    Be sure to watch. Please pray that the finances will continue to come in for Cowboy Church on RFDtv…people are responding, but we need the continued support.

    The family has been really busy with the fall roundup/shipping of cattle. We've been blessed with summer rains, so the weight gain was good. Samuel won a go-round in Calf Roping at Little Rock this week, and Lucchese is busy at the salon in Pasadena, CA. I am so proud of my kids, and when I am home, it is so good to sit at the table and have our talks….amazing how much closer I am to them than ever before…God is amazing. Each segment of their becoming adults has been fun.

    The new Christmas cd "I'll Be Home for Christmas" is available to order now. I think you will enjoy the new songs we've added to our pre-existing list of song titles.

    Please continue to pray for Jill Van Noy. She is a strong, positive person, but really needs our prayers; Kelli Word will have her operation in November for the torn rotater cuff; Jim Odle is healing up….pray that he would slow down!

    In the last 3 years, I have gone through many changes in my life. Most of these changes I believe were for the better, but one that wasn't good was to gain 30 pounds because I was adjusting to living a single, happier life. Sonic Drive-In was just too easy!

    In January, I began to get control of it (because Reba agreed with me that I was overweight - ha! good sister!) and made the decision to not only get thinner, but get healthier. With the help of Dr. Cindy (who will be at Pamper Me), friends who walked with me, a work out regimen called Crossfit, and a drastic changing of my diet, I have lost a total of 40 pounds. I feel more balanced, my knees and ankles don’t hurt, my blood pressure went down, and I am able to maintain the schedule I have.

    Never before have I been more aware of how we are killing ourselves with our diet and lack of exercise. I encourage you to make good choices…we won't be able to rely on a prescription to fix our problems much longer…in fact, many don't fix it…only deal with symptoms.

    Here's to you: I challenge you to take care of yourself. You owe it to you spouse, kids, and grandkids. No "pop"; no fried foods; more good water; start moving, and be in constant communion with our Lord. Start with that and be on your way to be an efficient machine for the Body of Christ.

    In His love,
    Susie McEntire Luchsinger

    Susie McEntire, LLC

    Saturday, October 10, 2009

    I will be in the great state of Nebraska the next 10 days.

    Hi Everyone!!
    Just a short note to say that I totally enjoyed West Texas this past weekend!

    I sang in Guthrie at the high school and at the church the next morning. Thank you, Tom & Becky Morehouse, for the hospitality you extended to Russ Weaver and I!

    After Guthrie, I went to Floydada - thanks to Sid Alford for hosting the event! You did a great job!

    The recording for the new Christmas tracks went really well. The cd should be ready by November.

    I will be in the great state of Nebraska the next 10 days. The itinerary is on our website….hope to see you!!

    Pamper Me registration is HAPPENING! We have ladies from 13 states already registered! If you are thinking about coming, but can't make up your mind, let me tell you….it's time to pick up the phone and commit…we are gonna have a great time..You will not regret it!!!

    May God bless and keep you. Those around you need Christ…He will use YOU to show them Christ.

    Happy Columbus Day,

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    New Christmas songs coming soon!

    Hi Everyone!
    I am currently on a plane enroute to Nashville to do pre-production work. Five new Christmas songs will be added to my existing Christmas cd, "Christmas Everyday". I've been wanting to do this project for a few years, and the opportunity (5 days with nothing to do) came up, so HERE WE GO!

    We had a great time with the ladies of The Barn Church in Hereford, TX on Saturday night. They enjoyed lots of visiting, chicken salad sandwiches, praise and worship and the concert. As I share my testimony, many women can relate in their own lives, and, amazingly, the subject was continued by Pastor Guy Walker the next morning at Cowboy Church. Sometimes it makes "the church" UNCOMFORTABLE dealing with "marred" people. Unfortunately, a church house is the last place a hurting person wants to go because they feel condemned and without hope, when THAT'S exactly where they need to be! Don't forget who Jesus talked, walked, ate/hung out with in the three years He was here on earth. I was encouraged by the message. Had lunch with new friends, Todd and Michelle McDaniel as well as my longtime buddy, Mike Stephens.

    Sunday night, I sang for Palo Duro Cowboy Church in Canyon, TX. Afterwards, they served hamburgers to the crowd of near 200, and I tell you, I felt so welcomed there. My good friends from The Arena Church of Amarillo, Sammy & Sue Giddeon, along with Red & Virgina came early to visit.

    I will be at Guthrie, TX on October 3 & 4, and also Petersburg, TX on the 5th….hope to see you there.

    Well, better get off here and look over the songs….please add Christine Deaver to your prayer list…she was a speaker for our Pamper Me last year and cancer has returned in her body.

    Thanks for your prayers for my kids as they help with the care of their father.

    In Christ,
    Susie McEntire Luchsinger

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    I had a great time at Triple Cross Cowboy Church in Granbuyr, TX

    Hi Everyone!

    I had a great time at Triple Cross Cowboy Church in Granbury, TX on Sunday morning, along with Pastor Ray Lane. This is the 3rd time I've been there and the scenery has been different each time…Fairgrounds, smaller "new" building, then, larger "BIG" building….1100 people total for two services!!! It was awesome! THANKS Triple Cross for a wonderful service!!

    I left there and went over to Dublin for Double N Cowboy Church….it had rained ALL day and they had a 3rd year anniversary with activities all day planned…well, the activities had to be cancelled but we did have an evening concert. Congratulations to Double N for the wonderful building they have…all in the dry…BUT MOST OF ALL …THANK GOD for the sweet Spirit of the people who were in attendance…over 200…and coming thru the rain and mud.

    I am in preparation this week (I have clothes, cds, bills, stacks of this and that…wall to wall) to go to The Barn Church in Hereford on Saturday, then Palo Duro Cowboy Church on Sunday evening. From there, I fly to Nashville to work on some new tracks for my Christmas cd, then back to Denver where I will be doing a cd/book signing with Diana Joy on Saturday, September 26. The Genesis Project benefit will be Sunday at 3pm at the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley, CO. I get to go with some girlfriends for a bit of R&R for 3 days, then to Guthrie, TX October 3 & 4. If you want to see really good ranching heritage, come to Guthrie. I will be in Petersburg, TX at the Plains Baptist Assembly on Monday night, October 5. Check the itinerary at: Hope to see you there!!!

    Ladies are sure getting excited about coming to my hometown of Atoka, OK for our 4th Annual Pamper Me Ladies Conference. It's a blast…you won't want to miss it. Register at:

    Thanks for the prayers for Jill..she is coping better and her spirits are high; Mr. Odle is recuperating - was at a farm sale today and sounded good; my kids' dad, Paul, is going for treatment on the 23rd for liver cancer; Kelli Word will have her rotater cuff operation in October. Thanks for your prayers and your prayer requests…you're keeping our prayer team busy, but don't forget to send updates and praise reports!

    God bless y'all - have a wonderful week!

    Susie McEntire Luchsinger

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    Happy Labor Day

    Hi Everyone!!
    Happy Labor Day…..I absolutely love the crispness in the air this time of year!!

    I get the awesome opportunity to watch my son Samuel compete in the calf roping in Elk City this weekend. I enjoyed singing in Hammon, OK at the Community Fellowship Church on Sunday morning. What a beautiful new fellowship hall they have built - I sure enjoyed my time there!!

    I made a short trip to south central New York…Owego…a really neat town full of people who are warm, friendly, and inviting. The Rudin Family (I met Terry & Kim this weekend) started the celebration years ago with a birthday party for their dad and it has evolved into a huge celebration of what the farm life used to be like..complete with vintage farm equipment and excellent food. Uncle Ernie and I came in on a beautiful wagon drawn by an awesome pair of Belgium horses and I sang to an overflow crowd…. I believe everyone enjoyed the concert…and I'd love to go back. Thanks to the fantastic group "Mended" who opened the concert with their wonderful talents…to Michael, Cathy & son Michael who allowed me to stay in their home..and Penny Marini who was responsible for getting me this invite and for hosting me. Thanks to all of you!! More pictures will be on the website soon:

    I hope to see you in Granbury, TX at Triple Cross Cowboy Church next Sunday morning and then at Double N Cowboy Church in Dublin that night.

    Cowboy Church times on RFD tv have changed! Thanks to so many of you who have noticed that we are not in the exact time slots as usual and have let us know. Here are the new times…thank God we got an extra slot! God is so good!!

    All times are CST:
    Sunday 4:30 p.m.  
    Monday 2:30 p.m.
    Tuesday 12:30 a.m.
    Friday 7:30 am.  

    Please be in prayer for Mr. Jim Odle who is our executive producer for Cowboy Church. He had back surgery the end of July and is healing; continue to pray for Jill Van Noy, that the doctors will prescribe the correct medicines for her, the feeling will come back to her limbs and the pain will be gone. Thank you so much.

    This week you received a letter concerning my kids' dad, Paul Luchsinger. Even though Paul and I have divorced, I truly want his relationship with Lucchese, E.P. and Samuel to be the best it can be. As the song "Let Go" says, "The longer we hold on, the weaker we become"…..We all need to let go of anything that would weigh us down and hinder us from what God wants for our lives. Thank You for your kind response.

    I am going into the studio later this month to record 5 more Christmas songs that will be added to my already existing "Christmas Everyday". I am hoping it will be ready by November 1.

    May the Lord continue to guide and direct you in all your ways!!

    In Christ,

    Susie McEntire Luchsinger

    Susie and Terry Rudin
    Owego, NY