Monday, June 29, 2009

There are still LOTS of good people in the world!

Hi Everyone!!
I am leaving Seaside, Florida today and have had a wonderful time…talk about hospitality! I sang at the Seaside Interfaith Chapel on Sunday morning and have great pictures for you to browse through on the website.

My faith in people got encouraged this weekend when 3 men came to my rescue and changed my flat tire…what an added blessing when they invited me to church! Oh! and that's not all….I was getting my suitcases out of the car and a young man (riding his bike on the sidewalk) offered to help me….of course I took him up on it!! There are still LOTS of good people in the world! You know that song "Never Alone"? It came alive in these instances…

My next concert will be July 16th in Overland Park, KS for the Christian Auctioneers Convention, then I'll be traveling north to sing in Cheyenne, WY, Loveland, CO, back to Cheyenne for the National Anthem at Cheyenne Frontier Days, then Cowboy Church on Sunday morning at 9 am…..then Greeley, CO. I will also be in Moravia, IA July 28. If you live in the NW, don't forget it's time for our yearly concert in Antelope, OR - Mark it down on your calendar….August 2 at 4pm in the church yard!!! I am looking forward to all these concerts!!
Hope to see you there. Go to the website for the complete itinerary.

Don't forget to watch Cowboy Church on RFD and plan to attend our Pamper Me Ladies Retreat Nov 6 & 7.

Happy 4th of July to all of you - have a fun & safe holiday with your family and friends - Pray for America.
God bless you!

Seaside, FL