Monday, May 18, 2009

I am reluctantly ready to enter back in the world again…

Hi Everyone!

We are at this moment flying back from Nashville to Dallas/Ft Worth to get back into the "real world". Me, Alice, Reba, and the one responsible for it all…"Mama" have been on an 8 day tour to the SE part of the country for a really neat vacation. It's coming to a close, but boy, did we have a great time (as you can see in the photo).

I am reluctantly ready to enter back in the world again…Russ Weaver and I will be in Ardmore, OK for the Barry Burk Calf Roping this Sunday. So much talent at that roping and it's a wonderful opportunity for us to share God's love with families as well as contestants. If you tune in to Cowboy Church on RFD tv, you will remember that just recently we aired last year's service filmed at the Barry Burk. Lots of good comments on that.

Speaking of Cowboy Church…if you are enjoying the telecast, please pray that God would send financial help for us to be able to continue to stay on the air. We get so many testimonies from people who watch FAITHFULLY and are so blessed and enriched by the teaching, testimonies, and music. There are many tv shows (secular included) that are struggling to keep sponsorships, advertisers, etc., and we are no exception. We would appreciate your prayers and support. THANK YOU!

After Memorial Day weekend, I will be full speed ahead with concerts in New Mexico & Colorado. Please check the itinerary on I hope to see you soon!

God bless you,
Susie McEntire Luchsinger