Monday, May 11, 2009

Hope you mothers had a beautiful Mother's Day

Hi Everybody!

Hope you mothers had a beautiful Mother's Day yesterday. I got a call from each of my kids and enjoyed every minute of it!!

We had a wonderful time at Josey's Jr. World yesterday in Marshall, Texas. Thanks to R.E. & Martha Josey for their hospitality! Russ' preaching was as usual….inspiring…even thru sprinkles of rain. The folks there have such a servant's heart and we enjoyed visiting with the contestants and their families.

I am currently "on vacation" with my sisters Alice and Reba, and my mama, Jac. We always have wanted to go to the southeastern part of the country and we are enjoying it. Of course, in the back yard would have sufficed for any one of us!

May you have a wonderful week! Take care to love the person you are standing next to - let them see Jesus in You!!

In Christ,

Susie McEntire Luchsinger