Friday, June 26, 2009

I met a lady at the Memphis airport who had a morning like mine...

Hi Everybody! We had a great time in Syracuse and Farmington, Missouri last weekend…see pictures on the website These shows will air on Cowboy Church tv in about one month.

I am writing this letter today from seat 4C on a Northwest Airlines flight enroute to Panama City, Florida….YIPPEE!! I was so glad when Charlie Renfroe emailed and asked me to come down and sing for Seaside's Chapel on Sunday. What a beautiful place!

Last night, I sang at the historic Ken Lance Sports Arena near Stonewall, OK for 3 Crosses Cowboy Church. Thanks to Pastor Dan Megehee and his lovely wife Tammy who hosted me there. We had a great time!

Please be sure to register for the 4th Annual Pamper Me Ladies Retreat being held in Atoka, OK, November 6&7. Go on the website…it's gonna be so much fun.

For all the locals…..Cowboy Church at Limestone Gap (our local Cowboy Church) is being held EVERY Tuesday night. Supper is at 6:30 and service starts at 7:00pm. Everyone welcome!

I met a lady at the Memphis airport who had a morning like mine. I turned off my alarm to sleep 5 more minutes and wound up sleeping 25 minutes...amazing what you can get done in very little time. We crossed paths at a small sandwich shop and conversed over fruit wraps (something I'd never seen) and wondered if they'd be any good to eat. She said, "I really don't want the whole thing." I said, "Wanta split it?" She said, after a look of 'what planet did this lady fall off of, "YES!" Afterward, as we shared the wrap, a cup of coffee each, and stories of where we were going and what we'd gone thru that morning, we parted ways and went our separate ways. Was this a "God thing"? May-be, maybe not…but it's kind of what Jesus was into…so… I s'pose it was.

God bless you today!