Friday, June 12, 2009

It's quiet and peaceful here in Parker, CO this morning

Hi Everybody!! 

It's quiet and peaceful here in Parker, CO this morning, but they have sure had some thunderstorms with a few tornadoes this past week. I hear of lots of rain in different parts of the country…I pray your week has been good.

I will be singing in Guthrie, TX at the Tongue River Ranch Saturday evening (no lights) and at the Baptist Church in Guthrie on Sunday morning. If you've never been to this part of the country, you have missed a blessing…it is gorgeous! We are going to have a great time.  On the 17th I will be in Cleburne, TX for God & Country night at the rodeo, then fly to Nashville on the 18th to do an interview for a television biography about Reba. It's gonna be a big week! 

I apologize for not being in touch more…we had wonderful concerts in Trinidad, La Junta (300 people in the sale barn), and Branson, CO. We stayed with Geral & Jamie Smith in their home south of Branson, Co---thank you, Jamie & Geral for your wonderful hospitality. If I get some more pictures of LaJunta and Trinidad, I'll post on the website, but there are pics there of Branson and Cowboy Up for Christ in Ridgway…which by the way, was wonderful…they have a hot springs swimming pool in Ouray and we 'partook' twice!! View pictures HERE

I say "we"…Jill Van Noy took the trip with me…she's a great map reader and doesn't get car sick on the mountain curves, AND loves to take long walks! She had never been to New Mexico, so we drove down past Durango and got our picture 'across the line'. We had a great time….the weather was extraordinary and we even experienced sleet/snow on Monarch Pass! Thank you to each concert sponsor. It's a lot of work and I truly appreciate your efforts.

The Cowboy Church film crew, Russ and I will be in Syracuse & Farmington, MO Father's Day weekend. Hope to see you there. for the places, schedule/times.

God has been doing some wonderful things in my personal life…I thank Him for his mercy and grace…for loving me for me…not for what I do…not in spite of what I do…He just loves me. He loves you…remember that. We've all got our 'stuff', you're no different than any of us.  
God bless you, and hope to see you soon,