Friday, May 29, 2009

God deals with everything...because He is...everything

Hi Everybody!!
Oklahoma is beautiful this time of year and we have been very blessed with an abundant amount of rainfall this spring. The boys killed a rattlesnake on the road this morning…one of the hazards of summer living.

I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow for Hobbs, NM and Cowboy Junction Christian School's benefit auction/concert. I will be at their church on Sunday morning and Monday night. I head north to Colorado from there to the towns of LaJunta, Trinidad, Branson, and then Ridgway. You can see on the website where these concerts will be and I hope to see you there. I plan on having a great time, hope you do as well!!

After I get done in Colorado, I get to sing in Guthrie, TX at the Tongue River Ranch on June 13 & 14.

This week on Cowboy Church (RFDtv Sunday night 4:30 pm CST; Monday 8:30 pm CST; Tuesday 10:30 am CST) will show our service from the Wrangler Timed Event Championships in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This is a continuation of the show last week - you won't want to miss it.

I know that many of you are going through trials and tribulations in your lives whether it be with sickness, marital problems, financial difficulties…the list goes on and on. I and the ladies here at the office read your prayer requests and want you to know that we AND our prayer team are praying for you. Heck, some of you are just having difficulty transitioning into "life with the kids out of school". No, it's not life threatening…but it's something we can understand and pray for you about. God deals with everything…because He is …everything. He has us here to help share your burden.

God bless you - Thanks for your prayers and support.
Have a great weekend!!