Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I stand in awe of God this morning...

Hi Everybody…

I stand in awe of God this morning. Even in the Oklahoma storms last night, I know that He showed Himself mighty in many peoples' lives. We lift up those who lost friends, family, and property in prayer this morning.

Mark and I just returned from our weekend in East Texas…by the way, it's THE MOST BEAUTIFUL place in the world, besides out our back door. To all of you who hosted us, fixed meals, set up chairs, made hotel reservations, sold cds, sang, spoke, swept the porch, made coffee, pulled tv cables, or simply just sat in the crowd and looked awesome…..THANK YOU!!! We taped for Cowboy Church and these shows should look really good. We enjoyed meeting you and hope to come back soon!!

I am "at this moment" at the beauty shop getting a "detail". It's sorely needed…just ask Mark! We are doing a photo shoot for "Faith and Fitness" magazine soon and need to "up our game" here. Tonight we host the Fellowship at Limestone Gap (held at our home this week only,) and leave for Poplar Bluff, Missouri on Friday for a concert at Thousand Hills Cowboy Church. On Saturday night we'll be at 15th Cattleman's Restaurant in Green Forest, 304 Main St. To sing for a "dinner show" is just down home "singing for your supper". Sunday morning, we'll be at the Green Forest Cowboy Church held at the Sale Barn, 304 Main St., Green Forest, AR. I am so looking forward to this weekend!!! Hope you can join us..we'll have a great time.

It will be good to be back in the great NW soon! I'm sure Mark's heart is longing to see our home there, the beautiful scenery, his mom, and his (my new) friends.

During the storm last night, we sat with Samuel and watched home videos…it was fun to see the kids at 5, 8, and 11, and this video showed when Samuel broke his leg at age 5. How fast time flies! My kids went through much of the same turmoil in their lives as I did, and I see them growing up and going on with their lives. I am truly proud of the decisions we've made in our lives to go on with what God has for us. He is a God of amazingly huge/vast grace.

Thank you for your support financially to help us do what Mark and I are doing. At ages 52 and 53, we are on the verge of something really neat that God is doing in our lives together. We are excited about what's in store for us.

God bless you!
Susie & Mark

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Wow! it's been beautiful here in SE Oklahoma. We've received letters from many of you from different parts of the country and the conclusion I get is "winter was hard…looking forward to spring".

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends/family in the Gulf of Mexico and Nashville,Tennessee areas. Realizing there's always been disasters, but they sure seem to be hitting really hard & often lately.
Mark and I went to Waco this past weekend for the All Around Performance Ranch Rodeo and had a great time. Greg Moore, Pastor of Top Hand Cowboy Church in Valley Mills, TX preached, and we filmed for Cowboy Church tv show on RFD. On Saturday night, we saw 55,000 excited George Strait/Reba McEntire fans in the Alamodome when we attended the concert there. Great to visit with Reba, Narvel, Melissa Peterman and the entire gang. On Sunday night, we sang/shared with the Bosque County Cowboy Church folks in Meridian, TX (Pastor Kerry & Becky). Thanks to Phil & Susan, Cynthia & RL, Gay, Martha & Keith for hosting us at lunch and for the great hospitality! Monday am, we dropped by Russ and Anna Weaver's home outside Cleburne, TX…thanks for the fellowship and breakfast! Great friends!

This weekend, another tour of Texas! We will be at Chisum Trail Cowboy Church in Powderly Friday night; Josey's Jr. World in Karnack, Sunday morning; Cross Creek Cowboy Church in Atlanta on Sunday night.

We have some dates this summer/fall that are available:
· May 23 in Washington
· June 6 pm in the NE Texas area
· June 27 am & pm in the southern Iowa area
· July 3 pm Oklahoma/Texas areas
· July 25 pm Cheyenne, WY area
· August 5 & 6 on the route from Nebraska to Ennis, MT
· August 9, 10, 11, on the route from Ennis, MT to Seattle, WA
· August 14, 15 Washington and Northern Oregon
· August 22 pm Wichita Falls, TX area
· August 29 pm NE Texas, SE Oklahoma area
· September 15 & 16, Pendleton, OR area or Western Idaho

If you or your church/organization is interested, please contact us here at the office.

The location of our May 11 meeting of the Fellowship at Limestone Gap (our hometown fellowship) has been changed. Contact us for directions. Our fellowship is being very consistent in number, good food, fellowship, laughter and teaching. Please join us on Tuesdays…6:30 pm potluck/service at 7pm.

God bless you!
Susie & Mark