Monday, October 19, 2009

We are on day 10 of our Nebraska tour!

Hi Everybody!

We are on day 10 of our Nebraska tour!! That makes me sound so "professional", huh? I haven't had many tours, so have to talk it up all I can!

But it has been nice….really good crowds in number and in spirit. We've been in remote areas and the percent of attendance to population has been spectacular. Getting a lot of interest in these areas hosting Cowboy Churches, so coordinator Tim Rust (NE Cowboy Church Association) is pleased.

We will be in Valentine this afternoon, then I am headed south for home. Next weekend, I am in Bismarck and Hot Springs, AR. THEN….Pamper Me! We are almost all full, so if you are still "up in the air" about coming or not, be sure to register like….QUICK!!!

Also, this afternoon at 4:30 CST is one of my favorite Cowboy Church episodes we've done. It will re-air on RFD Monday 2:30 PM, Tuesday 12:30 AM, and Friday 7:30 AM.

Be sure to watch. Please pray that the finances will continue to come in for Cowboy Church on RFDtv…people are responding, but we need the continued support.

The family has been really busy with the fall roundup/shipping of cattle. We've been blessed with summer rains, so the weight gain was good. Samuel won a go-round in Calf Roping at Little Rock this week, and Lucchese is busy at the salon in Pasadena, CA. I am so proud of my kids, and when I am home, it is so good to sit at the table and have our talks….amazing how much closer I am to them than ever before…God is amazing. Each segment of their becoming adults has been fun.

The new Christmas cd "I'll Be Home for Christmas" is available to order now. I think you will enjoy the new songs we've added to our pre-existing list of song titles.

Please continue to pray for Jill Van Noy. She is a strong, positive person, but really needs our prayers; Kelli Word will have her operation in November for the torn rotater cuff; Jim Odle is healing up….pray that he would slow down!

In the last 3 years, I have gone through many changes in my life. Most of these changes I believe were for the better, but one that wasn't good was to gain 30 pounds because I was adjusting to living a single, happier life. Sonic Drive-In was just too easy!

In January, I began to get control of it (because Reba agreed with me that I was overweight - ha! good sister!) and made the decision to not only get thinner, but get healthier. With the help of Dr. Cindy (who will be at Pamper Me), friends who walked with me, a work out regimen called Crossfit, and a drastic changing of my diet, I have lost a total of 40 pounds. I feel more balanced, my knees and ankles don’t hurt, my blood pressure went down, and I am able to maintain the schedule I have.

Never before have I been more aware of how we are killing ourselves with our diet and lack of exercise. I encourage you to make good choices…we won't be able to rely on a prescription to fix our problems much longer…in fact, many don't fix it…only deal with symptoms.

Here's to you: I challenge you to take care of yourself. You owe it to you spouse, kids, and grandkids. No "pop"; no fried foods; more good water; start moving, and be in constant communion with our Lord. Start with that and be on your way to be an efficient machine for the Body of Christ.

In His love,
Susie McEntire Luchsinger

Susie McEntire, LLC

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I will be in the great state of Nebraska the next 10 days.

Hi Everyone!!
Just a short note to say that I totally enjoyed West Texas this past weekend!

I sang in Guthrie at the high school and at the church the next morning. Thank you, Tom & Becky Morehouse, for the hospitality you extended to Russ Weaver and I!

After Guthrie, I went to Floydada - thanks to Sid Alford for hosting the event! You did a great job!

The recording for the new Christmas tracks went really well. The cd should be ready by November.

I will be in the great state of Nebraska the next 10 days. The itinerary is on our website….hope to see you!!

Pamper Me registration is HAPPENING! We have ladies from 13 states already registered! If you are thinking about coming, but can't make up your mind, let me tell you….it's time to pick up the phone and commit…we are gonna have a great time..You will not regret it!!!

May God bless and keep you. Those around you need Christ…He will use YOU to show them Christ.

Happy Columbus Day,