Monday, April 18, 2011

Hi Everyone!
I am writing this letter just hours after a devastating tornado hit our part of the country here in Atoka, Oklahoma. Although neither Mark and I nor any of our immediate family was hurt, folks have lost their homes, possessions, and even loved ones…and a local school facility is a complete loss. On top of our busy lives "as is", here piles on "much more to do". Loss of revenue, furniture, clothing, possessions that mean so much…yet in the midst of that we let it all go and thank God that we still have each other. Our prayers go out to those who have lost.

THE greatest thing I see at work after such a catastrophe is the sense of community that is felt. People of all ages, races, genders come together, roll up their sleeves, slip on a pair of muck boots, and get to work. They bring food, they hug and cry with those affected. We are drawn together in hard times…that has been proven throughout the history of our country.

Mark and I want to thank you for your faithful and generous support of what we do. Our mission is to bring "Inspirational and Entertaining Presentations of Substance" to our audiences across the country, and you help make that possible.

Cowboy Church is still on the air and doing well. Russ Weaver and I have had a hard time being in the same spot as often as we need, but we are all working hard to keep things as smooth as possible. The KwikScan Bible has been a very popular item as is our newest cd, "Passages".

Many of you have asked how my father, Clark McEntire is doing. We have great news!! Although he still needs fulltime care, he has been moved to the Reba Rehabilitation Center in Denison, TX and daily decks out in his jeans, shirt, and black felt cowboy hat! Daddy continues to improve a bit at a time, is talking, taking regular food, and is standing with help
for extended periods of time. A huge blessing is that he knows all of us…and we still get to hear his great stories!! Funny….I'm listening more intently now….

God bless you and Happy spring!
Susie & Mark