Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi From Frosty South Dakota!!

Wow! It got cold and icy here in Rapid City for our Sunday Cowboy Church service, but it didn't keep these faithful northerners from showing up to worship with us!! I truly believe that we had the "normal" attendance…and if it hadn't been so nasty outside, more seats would have been occupied and we may have been at capacity. (1200 on the ground floor). We will try and shoot for that next year!!
Western Singer Joni Harms was hampered by the bad weather and we are glad we encouraged her to go back to Oregon when her plane to Rapid got cancelled Saturday night. We love you Joni…will get together again soon!!
Keenie Word, along with the Ft Hayes Wranglers, Miss Rodeo America McKenzie Haley, Justin McKee (rodeo announcer extraordinaire), Terry Nordine (MC), Karen Balsley (talented local singer), Heidi Crawford (NuSkin representative) along with me and Mark….did our very best to glorify God and help bring the folks closer to a relationship with Jesus. We also repeated a 4pm "Evenin Gathering" from last year and had good attendance….some remarked that it was good for them because they couldn't get to Rapid for the 11 am service.
This morning, we picked up the Rapid City Journal…..what great, articulate coverage! Thanks to Shell Jeffery-Tomjack, Journal Correspondent who came, took pics and wrote an awesome report. One quote was "I like the music and the Western atmosphere. We are here to hear the word of God in a different way. We are always open to a different perspective." (Tom Mahr Hot Springs resident) One pastor from Hot Springs got a replacement for his church so he could come to Cowboy Church yesterday. What a deal!!
Many of you were right there with us…we shared a few weeks ago about our expenses there in the theater, and you helped us out. We went in debt free and will have enough to pay our expenses to stay here the rest of the week, attend functions during Stock Show, hold 3 more concerts in the area, and send much needed funds home to the office. THANK YOU!!! Isn't it neat to be a part of a mission trip, right here in the USA?
We are expecting Susie's son Samuel here in a few days. He is competing in the Calf Roping on Saturday….Susie gets to sing the National Anthem that night as well.
We will be in Smithwick, SD 7pm on Thursday, New Underwood 9:45 am Sunday, and Kadoka, SD, 2pm Sunday afternoon.
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!
Susie & Mark

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Successful weekend in Kearney, NE

Hi Everyone!
We had a great and successful weekend here in Kearney, NE. Joel Bieschke and Larry Chamberlain of Creative Community Promotions showcased us on Sunday morning for the Nebraska Fair Buyers Convention where we booked several fairs for this summer! We are so excited! Hope to see you there.
On Sunday evening, we sang/spoke at First Baptist Church here in Kearney. Over 600 people attended, thanks to Pastor Stan Murdock for his warm hospitality!
We will be in Valentine, NE on Wednesday, Fairburn, SD on Thursday, and Rapid City at the Stock Show on Saturday night to sing Anthem for Extreme Bulls and on Sunday 11 am and 4pm in the theater. Thanks so much to those of you who have donated to help us with the expenses…God bless you!

Hope to see y'all there!!
Susie & Mark