Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi Everyone!

To all of you who attended our concerts in Orange, Sulphur and Deweyville….We want to thank you for your support!. We had a great time in the deep south of Texas and Louisiana, met up with people we hadn't seen in years and met new friends.

You can see by the picture that Mark and I enjoyed the coast. We admired the tenacious spirit of the people in the gulf who are building their homes back. We have a renewed respect for the love they have for their homeland and way of life. Thanks for having us in your part of the country.

We worked out today, went in to the office and had a day of rest following our 8 hour trek back home yesterday. The day was beautiful and full of sunshine and the cattle are nipping at the grass surrounding the house.

We conducted Cowboy Church at Limestone Gap this evening where I sang "It is Well" and Mark taught on Matthew 9…..Jesus having compassion (The Message says His heart broke) while sharing the Good News to those who had lost hope, who were confused/aimless….like sheep with no shepherd. (again…quoting The Message).

We go to OKC tomorrow to Grace Living Centers for a noon luncheon. My friend Becky (who also attended Kiowa High School) invited me there and I'm anxious to catch up with her.

Lucchese comes home next Saturday for a 3 day visit. All of us are "beside ourselves" wanting to see her. Will be fun. E.P. is processing cattle and Samuel is still swinging his rope. Daniel and Tara I am sure are anticipating Bangladesh and Kyle has completed his training in the Marine Corp.

We go to Waco on May 2…we have the evening of May 2 open if you are on our way back home…let us know.

May God continue to wrap His blessed arms around you…Susie & Mark

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Hi Everybody!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood….Mark and I flew in to Dallas last night from Seattle, got picked up by Bobby Brown…he and wife Janice so GRACIOUSLY let us park our car at their home in Coppell….and stopped in Frisco to eat Sushi with Emily and Elise Hanes (who have kept our website in good shape for years). We are working this morning…already did a radio interview for Hot Springs and now getting my head into the concert tonight!!!! The Watering Hole in Garvin, OK. Now, Garvin is almost as far southeast in Oklahoma as you can get, and I am so excited about Mark seeing spring in Oklahoma for the first time.

Friday, we will go over to Hot Springs to listen to Tom Wilkins' band at the Ray Lynn Theatre and then on Saturday, I will be singing on stage there. Hope to see your smiling face…we will have a great time.

Lucchese is still doing well in Hollywood, working as an esthetician; E.P. is working hard getting his cattle out on the grass…now is the time for vaccinations/worming/eartags and then….bonvoyage to the hills for the bovine!; Samuel is working hard roping calves. Kyle graduates today from infantry school; Tara and her husband Daniel are preparing to be in Bangladesh by August….my what a spread of interests we have in our mingled family! So interesting! We love our kids and are so proud of them!

Next weekend, we'll be in Orange, TX, Sulphur, LA, and Deweyville, TX….would love to see those of you who can join us.

Working on a new cd…well, we are picking songs and plan to go in to the studio by September.

Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts around our marriage……OH! I haven't even told you about the housewarming! The weather was warm and balmy 2 days before and 2 days after, but the "day of" was rainy, snowy, and cold. No worries! the beans and cornbread made it wonderful and those who could..made it. Thank you so much for your calls, emails, letters and gifts….we love you and we love the house.

Grace is so alive in my life's amazing how when you have lacked certain things in your life and have been without, it flows much easier out of you when you have received it. I want to be able to give grace today..because I've been given an abundance.

God bless you,

Susie and Mark