Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Juggling a yogurt and a coffee and a laptop at 29,000 feet

Hi Everyone!
Just a short note to say hi. Mark and I are on the plane headed to our Oklahoma home.

We've been in Seattle for a couple of days taking care of his mom Anna, paying bills, and visiting friends. When we get home, we'll hit the ground running…moving into the new house (which entails getting rid of some of MY stuff - have I mentioned I'm a pack rat?)

We will be in Enid, OK on Thursday at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church beginning at 7pm (Winter Livestock Auction, 2 miles west of Enid on Hwy 412). Pastor Dan O'Daniel will provide the message and I will sing….AND we are filming for Cowboy Church tv.

My gosh! it's such a small world. When we were going down the airplane aisle just a few minutes ago, I saw a man with an Oklahoma Farm Bureau cap on his head. When I asked where he was from, he said, "Oklahoma". (I figured that) "Where in Oklahoma?" He said, "Enid". I invited him and his wife to the concert on Thursday. The same thing happened in Cancun, Mexico while we were on our honeymoon. I saw a man in a t-shirt with a drawing of the state of Oklahoma on the back (Enid pinpointed). Of course, we walked up and struck up a conversation…and invited them to the concert. It is TRULY a small world! Come see us at Enid on Thursday!

My daughter, Lucchese has moved into her own apartment; my oldest son, E.P. is pre-conditioning cattle in very cold temps; my youngest, Samuel is competing in rodeo. Mark's youngest daughter, Tara, and her husband Daniel are finishing up school in the Northeast; his son, Kyle will graduate from Marine Corps boot camp the end of this month; and his eldest daughter, Talia turned 30 today! We are very proud of our children.

The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo in Rapid City, SD is coming up January 31…Service in the theatre at 11am. At 5pm, again in the theatre, for a women's get together. I am so excited about this event! Kelli Word and I have talked about a gathering of this sort for years, and now, it's going to happen. So ladies, plan to join us in the theatre at 5pm! Joni Harms from Canby, OR will be singing and sharing her stories, I will sing, and Keenie Word will also be sharing her talent. There will also be a special testimony. Russ Weaver will join us the next Sunday for Cowboy Church, 11am in the theatre.

After Christmas, Mark and I were able to spend our honeymoon in Cancun with Reba and her husband Narvel and all their family. What a great time to get to know Mark more and him to get to know my family. Thanksgiving and Christmas were both spent getting to know our respective families in Oklahoma and Washington. Mark is slowly getting used to my dialect…..

We appreciate your support as we find out what God has in store for us. We pray that the opportunites that open up would be used to the best of both of our gifts and talents and that we will stay in the center of what God has for us to do.

Better go for now…juggling a yogurt and a coffee and a laptop computer in the middle seat at 29,000 feet. God bless you and I hope to see you soon. Can't wait for you to meet Mark.

In Christ,