Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Hi Everyone!!
Happy Labor Day…..I absolutely love the crispness in the air this time of year!!

I get the awesome opportunity to watch my son Samuel compete in the calf roping in Elk City this weekend. I enjoyed singing in Hammon, OK at the Community Fellowship Church on Sunday morning. What a beautiful new fellowship hall they have built - I sure enjoyed my time there!!

I made a short trip to south central New York…Owego…a really neat town full of people who are warm, friendly, and inviting. The Rudin Family (I met Terry & Kim this weekend) started the celebration years ago with a birthday party for their dad and it has evolved into a huge celebration of what the farm life used to be like..complete with vintage farm equipment and excellent food. Uncle Ernie and I came in on a beautiful wagon drawn by an awesome pair of Belgium horses and I sang to an overflow crowd…. I believe everyone enjoyed the concert…and I'd love to go back. Thanks to the fantastic group "Mended" who opened the concert with their wonderful talents…to Michael, Cathy & son Michael who allowed me to stay in their home..and Penny Marini who was responsible for getting me this invite and for hosting me. Thanks to all of you!! More pictures will be on the website soon: www.susieluchsinger.com

I hope to see you in Granbury, TX at Triple Cross Cowboy Church next Sunday morning and then at Double N Cowboy Church in Dublin that night.

Cowboy Church times on RFD tv have changed! Thanks to so many of you who have noticed that we are not in the exact time slots as usual and have let us know. Here are the new times…thank God we got an extra slot! God is so good!!

All times are CST:
Sunday 4:30 p.m.  
Monday 2:30 p.m.
Tuesday 12:30 a.m.
Friday 7:30 am.  

Please be in prayer for Mr. Jim Odle who is our executive producer for Cowboy Church. He had back surgery the end of July and is healing; continue to pray for Jill Van Noy, that the doctors will prescribe the correct medicines for her, the feeling will come back to her limbs and the pain will be gone. Thank you so much.

This week you received a letter concerning my kids' dad, Paul Luchsinger. Even though Paul and I have divorced, I truly want his relationship with Lucchese, E.P. and Samuel to be the best it can be. As the song "Let Go" says, "The longer we hold on, the weaker we become"…..We all need to let go of anything that would weigh us down and hinder us from what God wants for our lives. Thank You for your kind response.

I am going into the studio later this month to record 5 more Christmas songs that will be added to my already existing "Christmas Everyday". I am hoping it will be ready by November 1.

May the Lord continue to guide and direct you in all your ways!!

In Christ,

Susie McEntire Luchsinger

Susie and Terry Rudin
Owego, NY