Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi Everyone! and Happy Fall weather!!
You know, we don't go many places where you hear absolutely nothing!!! But this morning we did……
Mark and I are in the state of Washington right now and just got done with a nice hike up Sauk Mountain (just on the other side of Sedro Woolley). After we exited the main highway, we drove another 7 miles to get to the "get out and hoof it" point, then we hiked another 45 minutes. You can see some of our pictures on Facebook and website It was COOL (still snow up there) and misty and just a really GREAT place to be this morning. We saw some chipmunks, birds, great vegetation, and of all things a ptarmigan hen and her family (that's a mountain chicken for us lowlanders) They turn white in the winter, but today she was the exact same color as the rocks.
God sure takes good care of His creation!!
We had a great time at the Pendleton Round-up in Pendleton, OR. I surprised Mark with a trip to the PBR on Monday night (which was our 21 month anniversary), watched slack, visited with friends on Tuesday and had a concert hosted by the Blue Mountain Christian Cowboys out of Fairfield. The evening was beautiful and the crowd was warm…thanks to all who gave generously of their time and finances to help support the concert.
We will be in Toppenish, WA this coming Sunday evening at 6pm at the high school. Thanks to all who have worked hard getting this concert together.
Registrations for Pamper Me are coming in and we are working hard to get ready for all you ladies!! It's going to be a Hawaiian adventure!!!
Call 580 889 5219 or go to to register. We are going to have a great time and don't want to do it without you!
We also have t-shirts available on the website!!!
Our prayers and concern go out to all who have had the terrible fires and drought. It's been bad in our county, but at least we had spring rains. We've heard of many folks who haven't had rain in over a year.
For those of you who continue to ask about my daddy….good news! He is doing much better…he's quite a jokester and still tells a great story. He walks with a walker and has a great appetite. I so admire my mama for her great attitude and thank God for all the good help she and daddy have through Home Health. Thanks for your prayers!!
Mark's daughter Tara and her husband Daniel are rejoicing over "preemie but healthy" identical twin boys born on the 12th in Boston. The babies may be in the hospital for several weeks, but they are in really good care. We are so thankful!!
Mark and I had a great summer and are looking forward to the fall….We hope to see you in one of these places:
September 26 - Frederick, OK
October 1 - Perryton, TX
October 2 - Perryton, TX am
October 2 - Borger, TX pm
October 8 - Williamston, SC
October 9 - Gilbert, SC
October 16 - Ashland, OK am
October 16 - Harpers Valley, OK pm
Octover 30 - Derry, NH
See the website for more details. See us on Facebook!!
God bless and keep you always!!

Susie & Mark