Friday, July 16, 2010

Catching up

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say Hi! and catch up with you.
Mark and I are enjoying Family Camp here at Cannon Beach Conference Center in Cannon Beach, OR, where lots of families are enjoying their own family vacation! Shane Womack is teaching, Judy Nelson, Lisa Reiff are doing praise and worship, Steve and Craig are doing the music and I am providing the "specials". :) It has been a wonderful week, with lots of new friends made and ones re-united.

I just read Reba's post on Facebook about my "bridge" using her fabulous luggage (available only in Dillard's Department stores). Facebook is an awesome way to stay in touch with family and friends…become a fan of mine and Reba's today!!
We will be in Carlton Sunday am and Lafayette on Sunday pm. We then go back to Everett, WA on Monday and hopefully see my daughter, Lucchese.
We fly to Denver, drive to Cheyenne, WY on Friday where we will be in concert at First Baptist Church Friday night, Sing the Anthem for Cheyenne Frontier Day's Saturday afternoon performance, fly to Colorado Saturday night for the CICA in Branson, CO, then back to Cheyenne Frontier Days for Cowboy Church in front of Grandstand B at 9am Sunday morning. The Caballero Family will sing, Russ Weaver will preach, Keenie Word will sing, and you can meet Mark! Oh…and I will sing as well. Thanks to all our volunteers who help make this wonderful church service happen!
We will be at the Wood Guest Ranch and Equestrian Center in Crystal, OK for the Atoka Trail Riders Rodeo, September 9th. Russ Weaver and I will host Cowboy Church at 6:30 pm (filmed for RFD-TV) with a BBQ afterwards, mutton busting for the kids, and more entertainment. Tickets are $10. For more information on the location visit
Even though there are some of you who DO support us, I have not been good at letting people know when we are in need of financial support for the work Mark and I do, but I will now. If you believe in what we are doing (ministering Grace and Redemption) we ask you to help support our work through monthly donations. Even though I have been busier these past 4 years since my separation/divorce, the money, due to higher costs of travelling, just doesn't go as far. I will adjust my fees in the year of 2011, but this is the first fee adjustment in probably 15 years. If you would like to support our work with a tax deductible donation, you can send your check Payable to SVCC to: Susie McEntire, LLC 406 W 10th St Atoka, OK 74525
Future Events: We will be going into the studio in September to record a new cd; Pamper Me Ladies Retreat is getting a whole big Facelift this year!!! Register Today!!
Have a great day/weekend!!!
God bless you,

Susie & Mark