Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Spring has sprung in SE Oklahoma, we've had lots of rain and the grass is growing….AND SO we are looking down more than usual…snakes, stingin' scorpions, centipedes, and 'the like' are in 'full swing ahead' and my Seattle husband Mark hasn't figured out yet why they all want to be in our house!

I am writing to you from seat 31E on American flight 670 from Washington Dulles in route to Dallas/Ft Worth today, Monday, May 16th. Our sore feet are certain we walked ALL of the Washington D.C. area….MONUMENTS!!....the Washington, World War II, Vietnam, Korean, Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, Lincoln, and Jefferson, as well as much of the Smithsonian. Oh yes, and many of the hotdog/pretzel stands along the way. What a clean and friendly capitol we have! It was a great experience. But, that was a side blessing, we were there of course to work at two local churches.

Shepherd's Gate Church was our first stop….Pastor Dan Duis and his wife Scotti treated us so special, they hosted us a few extra days so we could experience D.C. and also had us to supper at their home. We enjoyed the music of their sons Tyler and Sam and friend Brad's group Melodime…& thanks to Dave for his direction for the group. Catch the music of this band - they are so talented!!

Sunday we made the trip down to Monroe, VA (literally in the Blue Ridge Mountains) and sang for Mt Prospect Baptist Church - Doug Turner and his wife Sally had heard me sing at Madison Heights, VA back in 1991 and asked us come to the church where he is assistant pastor. Afterwards, they took us to Natural Bridge Hotel to stay the night and we toured the bridge this morning. It was as spectacular this am as it was in 1975 when I saw it as a Junior in high school. On the way to the airport, I got to see the Shenandoah River run through its valley….I love this part of the country with its rich history!

We don't take it for granted the work and preparation it takes to host concerts of this magnitude…thanks to all of you who host, pray, prepare, and also to those who travel to get to the concerts…yes, Jack & Marlene York and Denise and Jim LaFave…we appreciate you so much! We want these events to be the best they can be. THANK YOU!!

Mark and I THINK we fly a lot. We had the opportunity to meet a very interesting lady on the airport terminal bus who had left South Africa on the 15th, had flown thru to Washington, was on our flight to Dallas and in route to Los Angeles!!! She seemed a bit disoriented (no wonder), and we had the grand pleasure of helping her find her way. What a sweetheart she was! Mark made the comment to me, "There are good people everywhere". There sure are.

We are going home tonight, may get to visit daddy at Reba's Rehabilitation center…when we left Thursday, he was feeding himself (and doing a great job at it) and had walked 128 steps a day or two earlier. We go to Nashville to see Reba receive her Medallion for the induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame next Sunday. After that, we come home and get ready to go to Kearney and North Platte, NE, on the 28th and 29th, then back home for Jacksonville, TX, June 4.

We hope to see you along the way this summer…it's packed full of great things to look forward to: summer birthdays, a return home visit for our Marine Kyle Eaton and lots of concerts.

God bless you and thank you for your support of what we do.

Susie & Mark