Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Spring!

Hi Everyone…and HAPPY SPRING!
 Well…at least here in Oklahoma/Texas!  To all of you still experiencing the cold of winter…"HELP IS ON THE WAY!"
 Mark and I are traveling back from Giddings/Smithville, TX where we did concert/speaking engagements this weekend. We were treated royally and loved every minute of our stay.
We want to come back to this area!  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Pictures will be posted on our website.
Fun News! 
We recently have topped the 5000 fan mark on Facebook;
We have The Paleo Solution book available …it has been literally been flying off the shelf as we speak about its effectiveness at our concerts!
We are distributors for Advocare…there is a wonderful 24 day "Jump Start" program of weight loss available there…and pre & post workout supplies for those of you who are starting to get ready to go "pool side";
We are also distributors for NuSkin - please look this product up!  It is great for rejuvenation of our skin and will help you fight the battle of the inevitable!!!  Wonderful business opportunities available here...
The Quick Scan Bible that Cowboy Church tv is promoting is also in our office.
Let us know if you're interested in any of these opportunities.
This message is short…just want to invite you to Guthrie, OK to the Timed Event Championships next weekend…then we will be in Greenville, TX the next Sunday.  After that…we are in Florida!  Still have a few nights available if you would like to host a concert.   
We so appreciate your support.  We are having a great time spreading the message of HOPE across the country. 
God bless and keep you this week!
Susie & Mark